PGA Tour 98 Credits (PlayStation)

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PGA Tour 98 Credits

NuFX, Inc.

ProducerPatrick Quinn
ProgrammersJoseph M. Guagenti, Ed Hellesen, Andrew H. Marrinson
Lead ArtistDave Pasciuto
ArtistsMarc Brinkley, Lisa Clarizio, Joel Dang, Scott Nychay, James Prokop
Sound Effects Brian Schmidt

Electronic Arts Canada

Executive Producer Sam Nelson
ProducerStanley Chow
Associate ProducerWilliam M. Mozell
Assistant Producer Josh Holmes
DesignWilliam M. Mozell, NuFX Inc.
Additional Art Gregory Allen
QA Coordinator Steve Livaja
QA Lead Nathan McDonald
QA Assistant Lead Lori Wilson
QA TestersChris Roy, Tony Roy, Toby Berner, Cindy Currie, Anthony Chou, Griffin Mitchell, Alistair Dejonge, Ian Ritchie, Ryan Yewell, Jesse Tarbotton, Lisa Nguyen
MasteringPeter Petkov, Cary Chao, Jeff Hutchinson
Video EditorBruce MacKinnon
CommentaryErnie Johnson Jr.
Speech Consultant Graemme Brown
Speech EditorMichelle Frey
MusicGraeme Coleman
PhotographyStan Badz, Sam Greenwood, Rob Brown
Special ThanksNick Channon, Traz Damji, Trevor Kerslake, Jeff van Dyck, Crispin Hands, Steve Royea, Saki Kaskamanidis, Tara L. Brown, Jeff Monday, Leo McCullagh, Steve Wille, Kim Canales, Mary Bodensiek, Ruth Plummer-Martin, Danny Pisano, Dana Thom, Steve Cartwright, Wesley Haynes, PGA TOUR Productions

EA San Mateo

Assistant Producer Jeff Hasson
Course DesignLance Alameda, Logic Ma, Laura Mendiola, Barbara Wong

Intelligent Games Course Team

Assistant Producer Matthew Howe
Course Design Team LeaderChris Hughes
DesignersLawrence So, Gareth Eke, Cathi Diet
Product MarketingScott Gummer
Public RelationsShelley Eckenroth, Kathy Frazier, Scott Gamel
DocumentationDavid C. Lee, Andrea Engstrom
Documentation LayoutCorinne Mah
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Package DesignOshiro Design
Package Photography CourtesyChad Spencer, PGA TOUR Photos
QA TestersJoel Knutson, Andrew Young

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trypticon (11037)