Pipe Dreams 3D Credits (PlayStation)

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Pipe Dreams 3D Credits

Sick Puppies Studio

Studio Head / Creative DirectorGregg Barnett
ProducerWalter Bayer
Lead ProgrammerWalter Bayer
Lead ArtistDan Zelcs
Graphics ProgrammerAndrew Jones
ProgrammerChad Goulding
ArtistsMatthew Nightingale, Darren Hatton
Music / SFXPaul Weir, Earcom

Empire Interactive

ProducerMark Bevan
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
Lead TesterDarren T. Bennett
TestersChristopher Giggins, Phillip Baldwin, Carlo Bush, Darren T. Bennett, Perry Simmonds, Simon Lewis, Lee Clarke, Edward Albert Wilson, Mark Klocek, Chris Matlub, Florence Kum, John Murray, Gareth West
Design/Artwork/WebPhilip Goldfinch, Paul Flewitt, Jamie Young, Mark Cholerton, Tracy Brown, Sarah Lewington, Jamie Woodhead, Andie Catling
Product ManagerStephen Wickes
Special ThanksJamie Leece, Jennifer Kolbe, Steve Michael Robert, Kristine Severson, Kevin Hopkins, Stanton A. Sarjeant

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69274)