Point Blank 3 (PlayStation)

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Written by  :  Moo Cow (4)
Written on  :  Jun 03, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation

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Great variety, somewhat-goofy graphics, and a whole lot of fun makes this one a definite classic shooter.

The Good

The variety in the mini games was welcomed.The main characters were cool in their own way. The 5 modes were more than enough to keep me hooked. Even with 1 gun and 2 people, the excitement never stops. The scoring and rating system is great for honing your skills.

The Bad

In the 3rd port, Namco dropped the Quest mode. This is not a big loss though, because Endurance mode half way makes up for it.

The Bottom Line

To start out, buy 2 guns if other people might play with you. It is well worth the cash. If you don't have 2 guns, a controller works too. There are 5 modes to pick from. Arcade ( 1-2 players, difficulty grouped bunch of levels), Endurance ( 1 player only, try to go as far up the mini game tower as you possibly can, selectable difficulty settings) Training ( 1-2 player, this is the place to pick out the mini games you are having trouble with and try to master them, selectable difficulty) Party Mode ( 2-8 players, you can play teams with 8 players{4 on each team} or a 4 player tournament) and finally Versus(1-2 players, play each other in a fixed set of mini games.) The mini games include: Shoot your color target, Rapid fire, Single shot, Shoot the bad guys, shoot and many targets as you can, and protect Dr.Dan and Dr.Don.