Point Blank Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Introduction sequence
Title screen
Main menu, you can shoot the parachutists
Basic rules of the game
Choose training, beginner, expert or very hard.
Player chooses the order in which to play every 4 stages
Shoot targets as soon as they flip over
Quota complete
Shoot the birds as they pop out of this giant cuckoo clock
In many stages, a good sense of rhythm really helps
Only shoot targets of your own color
Protect Dr. Dan and Dr. Don from the hungry piranhas
Round target gently float downwards
Shoot the octopuses as they pop up
Shoot the balls and they split into smaller ones
Skeet shooting with clay targets
Shoot the tank to protect Dr. Dan and Dr. Don
The final stage, shoot all 21 targets to ignite the fireworks
Game finished, now watch the fireworks
You even enter your initials in a shooting game