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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Tokyo Fan (Jul 01, 1997)
Stonking good racing fun. Nothing more. Nothing less. Worth a look even if you've got the other two.
Bravo Screenfun (Mar, 1997)
Grafisch stellt Rage Racer alle Rennspiele in den Schatten, die bisher auf der PlayStation an den Start gegangen sind. Auch die Kauf- und die Tuning-Möglichkeiten reizen zum Weiterspielen. Bis sich die besten Rennwagen probefahren lassen, wandern etliche Dollars über die Ladentheke. Aber dann kannst Du mit so viel Tempo über die Pisten donnern, daß alle Computergegner nur noch Staub schlucken.
Video Games (May, 1997)
Ja, das ist es! Rage Racer stellt nicht nur die Krönung der Ridge-Racer-Trilogie dar, Namco ist damit das ultimative Rennspiel schlechthin gelungen, da kommt auch Porsche Challenge nicht mit. Dieses Asphalt-Spektakel besticht durch perfektes Design vom ersten bis zum letzten Polygon.
NowGamer (Jun 01, 1997)
The graphics may look a little faded given the brightness of RRR, but that matters not one jot, because they are shifted at ten to the dozen and there is no, I repeat, no slowdown, jerkiness, distortion or even background pop-up to be seen. You can also play with a NeGon and steering wheel as well as the standard pad. Given the fact that you’ve got five secrets cars to find, all the tracks in mirror mode, tuning for all the existing cars, and a completely secret and out of this world sixth class, Rage Racer offers unparalleled value for money (even at this import price), and endless fun for anyone with a pulse. The only reason Rage Racer hasn’t scored 100% is because the silly programming plonkers have left out the two player link-up mode which would have made it the perfect game. As it is, Rage Racer is only nearly perfect.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 1999)
Although the courses seem less colorful and more realistic, they are still fantastic in design and great fun to race on. There are a nice variety of cars available (including a number of old-time models), each with its own distinctive look and feel. The simulation aspects give the game more replay value, but Rage Racer still maintains that arcade sensibility that makes the series so popular.
Retrogaming History (Nov 05, 2008)
Come Ridge Racer prima e Ridge Racer Revolution poi, anche questo Rage Racer è figlio dei suoi tempi e rappresenta concettualmente la giusta fine di quel processo di evoluzione del genere arcade nato con l’era delle tre dimensioni ormai destinato a scomparire quasi del tutto, genere nel quale Namco ha recitato una parte fondamentale. La mancanza di vere novità nei sequel lo decreteranno il migliore e finora insuperato capitolo della serie.
GamePro (US) (Apr, 1997)
Once you get over the game's initial lull, you will have plenty to rage about with this cool new Racer.
Coming Soon Magazine (Jun 16, 1997)
Here comes another racing game! Does this one have the horsepower to outdistance the competition? Are the physics 100% realistic? Is it fun? And most importantly - Who is that beautiful young woman in Namco's ad for Rage Racer -and- is she in the game? Well, buckle up as we speed down to the Finish Line in search of the answers.
Mega Fun (May, 1997)
Rage Racer ist das mit Abstand beste Rennspiel aus der Racer-Serie. Dabei konnten in fast allen Bereichen Punkte gutgemacht werden. Die Filter steuern sich wieder angenehm wie im ersten Teil. Bei der Grafik wurde noch eine ordentliche Kelle Qualität draufgelegt, und die Jagd nach den Preisgeldern hält einen langfristig bei Laune. Man merkt deutlich, daß an Feinheiten des Spiels solange herumgefeilt wurde, bis das Optimum dabei herauskam. Zwei Dinge waren es, die den Sprung über die 90-Prozent-Hürde trotzdem vereitelten: Es gibt im Prinzip nur zwei verschiedene Strecken (die zweite ist lediglich ein Oval) - für einen Referenz-Racer eindeutig zu wenig. Zweitens: Es gibt keinen Split-Screen und damit keine Möglichkeit, zu zweit gleichzeitig an den Start zu gehen. Trotzdem: Selbst für jemanden, der schon einen der beiden Vorgänger in seinem Regal stehen hat, lohnt sich der Kauf von Rage Racer.
Gamezilla (1997)
This series is one of the best racing series on the market. Rage Racer adds some depth to a game that needed it. The addition of the oval track was nice but I would still like to see about 8 tracks to choose from—but that is just me being greedy for more. I think that if Namco can keep refining the controls, they should have a near-perfect game on their hands.
Edge (Feb, 1997)
Namco’s latest demonstration of its unfailing commitment to Sony revives the sense of wonder first inspired by its seminal 32bit conversion, Ridge Racer, by presenting a driving environment that’s as impressive as anything yet seen on the PlayStation and involving the player in a campaign that could take weeks to master.
GameSpot (May 20, 1997)
There are loads of racing games out there, with more being announced every day. Rage Racer is a very good racing game, and anyone who even remotely enjoyed either of the first two Ridge Racer games will go crazy over it. It's got a lot of gameplay spread out over the two different tracks, and there are hours upon hours to be spent attempting to earn every single car. Rage Racer is an outstanding sequel, but let's hope Namco addresses the collision problems in their next racer.
Game Revolution (Jun 04, 2004)
However, if you're just looking for high speed thrills, Rage Racer isn't a bad choice. Aside from the minor graphical and design flaws, this is a solid racing game. The scenery is great (you can even drive by signs depicting the logo you created!) and the music is pumping. Not a bad game for arcade style racing fans. You realism buffs, however, may want to check out Formula 1 and save this one for the Friday night rental.
Rage Racer is the perfect sequel for Ridge Racer fans, but the game is somewhat lacking features to appeal to lovers of simulation racers.
IGN (May 19, 1997)
This is really Rage Racer's biggest shortcoming. After two previous PlayStation versions, you'd think Namco would want to move on to something else. Apparently not. If you really, really love Ridge Racer, and want to play it yet again, by all means get Rage Racer. It's not a bad game, we've just seen it all before (and before that even).