Real Bout Garō Densetsu Special: Dominated Mind Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Fighter selection
Loading screen
Joe Higashi executes his fast-punching move Bakuretsu Ken and causes some damage in Terry Bogard.
Tung Fu Rue uses his projectile-based move Spit Fireball against Chonshu, but she's about to avoid it!
Hon-Fu damaging Wolfgang Krauser with the current 2 hits of his counter-based move KuuRon no Yomi.
Kim Kaphwan hit-stopping Mai Shiranui's offensive with the accuracy of his anti-air move Kuu Sajin.
Mai Shiranui hit-smashes Tung Fu Rue after executing her Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi as Break Shot move.
Joe Higashi's probable counterattack is successfully hit-stopped by Duck King's move Dancing Dive...