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ReBoot (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

ReBoot Credits

Development Team

Development DirectorDenise Fulton, Mark Lutz
Lead ProgrammerJan Tian
ProgrammersSasa Djolic, Oleg Dopertchouk, Chor Guan Teo, John Harvey, Tom Heath
ArtistTristan Brett, Min Choi
ProgrammersJason Rupert, Zhi-Hong Zhou
ArtistThomas Graham
Additional ProgrammingGary Hinger, Wei Shoong Teh
AudioRobert Bailey
Additional ProgrammingYvo Zoer
Senior ArtistGeorge Ashcroft
ArtistShaun Hayes-Holgate
Additional ArtCaroline Ancessi, David DeMorest
Audio ProgrammingRobert Bailey
Video SupervisionJohn Rix
Video AssistantsDwayne Wudrich, Andy Teal
Audio AssistantAndy Teal

Production Team

Executive ProducerBruce E. McMillan
Director of Product DevelopmentWarren Wall
ProducerJules Burt
Assistant ProducerAdrian Crook
Production AssistantKirsten Henderson


Localization ProducerLouise Read
European Localization ManagerDominique Goy
European Project ManagerChristine Jean
Language Testing CoordinatorMatt Eyre
Language TestersSylvain Caburrosso, Alexander Golubowitsch, Oscar JimĂ©nez

QA Testing

QA CoordinatorSteve Livaja
QA Coordinator 2Jonathan Dowdeswell
QA LeadTimothy Lewinson
QA Assistant LeadsMark Bayrock, Eric Haugen
QA TestersEarl Berkeley, Chuck Boyle, Michael Gascoigne, Brandon Gill, Octavio Izaurralde, Brandon Jackson, Willie Loh, Griffin Mitchell, Pete Pearson, Christie Rossignol, Brian Spence, Carvy Spindler, Winston Sun


Marketing ManagerAlbert Penello, Peter Royea
European Product ManagerAudrey Meehan
DocumentationAndrea Engstrom
Documentation LayoutJames Hanley
Package DesignMichael Lippert
Package Artwork CourtesyMainframe Entertainment Inc.
Public Relations ManagersKeith Dundas, Jeane Wong
EASM Quality AssuranceBrian Kingsley
Special Thanks toDavid Adams, Marc Aubanel, Mainframe Entertainment Inc.


Mainframe Video ProductionScott Speirs, Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Linear ScriptBlue Zone Productions Ltd.

Reboot Voices

Phong, Mike the TVMichael Donovan
BobMichael Benyaer
DotKathleen Barr
HexadecimalShirley Milliner
EnzoMatt Sinclair
MegabyteTony Jay
ClashDavid Horner
Voice CoachMichael Donovan, Chris Brough

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Credits for this game were contributed by Adrian Crook (53), John Harvey (137), Yvo Zoer (3) and Kabushi (122970)