Written by  :  Kate Jones (480)
Written on  :  Nov 21, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  1.29 Stars1.29 Stars1.29 Stars1.29 Stars1.29 Stars

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The Good

I refuse to write anything here, it would defy my existence as a human being.

The Bad

Um... where to start. There's so much bad about this game I could throw up. It's fascinating how Capcom can make a game series so much worse with each game. The voice acting is still horrible, and is actually worse than the prequel. The storyline... oh, I really don't want to even mention it. Read my review about the prequel, read what I said about the storyline there and multiply it by ten, then you got my opinion about the storyline in this game. The tradition of insanely simple puzzles is enforced very well, it's now more crappier than ever and has now descended to the level of being mere open-door-with-key-"puzzles". It can now truly be called a mere action game, you start with an M16 which was seen as a super powerful game in the prequel (where which you only had the weapon in the last moments in the ending) which is absurd thinking that a revolver in the first game was blessing to have. And the zombies are now everywhere, but they just go down like flies.

There's more bad things to mention, but I don't see the point, a bad game is a bad game, simple as that.

The Bottom Line

Okay, in the two last prequel's review I said the games could be enjoyable to a degree. That has completely ended now. This is no game which you could enjoy all in all. Yes, there is actually some very few good points, the music isn't bad, the new costumes you can get through a secret is cool, and the graphics isn't that bad. But that's it. There's absolutely no other nice thing about the game. It's crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, and utter craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! The wierdos who loved RE1 and 2 to death and see Resident Evil as a religion will *perhaps* like this game. All other persons should scream at sight with this game, and eat all copies of the game so no one can behold how completely awful this game is. There's no word in the dictionary which can sufficiently describe how much I hate this game.