Advertising Blurbs

Back Of Box (U.S./Canada):
    First there was Raccoon City...but unknown to the rest of the world, another town is also mutating into a chaotic nightmare from the deadly T-Virus. Attempting to flee the carnage, a solitary helicopter loses control and crash lands in the heart of the chaos. As one lone survivor comes to, the sound of screaming and other monstrous sounds surround him. Dazed and unsure where he is or why he is there, he embarks on a nightmarish adventure where cunning and quick reflexes are key to survival.

    Experience Resident Evil in first-person perspective.

    Surprise elements and hidden secrets parallel the Resident Evil storyline.

    The only game of its kind!

    Contributed by JPaterson (9556) on Mar 15, 2002.

From the UK PAL back cover:

    A totally new evolution of Resident Evil game - A first person shoot'em up

    You take on the role of a desperate man fighting to free himself from the horror of the T-Virus, armed only with a gun. The victim of a terrible helicopter crash in a zombie-infested town, he has lost his memory and now only his instinct can keep him alive...

    -First person perspective game: the most immersive Resident Evil experience ever -3D real time backgrounds - feel as though you are in the game! -Fully ambient sound with 3D sound support -Compatible with G-Con 45 gun and Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK)

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (624) on Sep 10, 2001.