Written by  :  Kate Jones (480)
Written on  :  Nov 21, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation

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An okay but flawed game

The Good

This is a review where I would like start straight off at the bad section, but anyway, Resident Evil is surprisingly similar to Alone in the Dark, which is mainly the good to say about the game. I loved the AitD series, so it's nice to play something similar. It's just too bad everything is pale in comparison. Resident Evil has better graphics though, that's one plus.

The Bad

Okay, you've probably heard this a million times but I have to say it... this game has perhaps the worst voice acting ever heard in a game before. The game would perhaps be better off being text only. The storyline is to puke of, it's full of cliches and there's nothing original or new to be seen, the game would be much better off being without it... at least then the player could decide for himself why the zombies were in the game instead of hearing the horrible explanation the game has. The game also fails where just about all console games fail... almost no options, cutscenes impossible to skip, redudant save system, and yada yada...

The game isn't exactly any much scary... at least, there was no time I jumped out of my chair. The puzzles are just a mere joke, they can't even be called puzzles, more like "fetch item A and combine it with item B, puzzle solved", they're extremely obvious and simple, and those which aren't are simply frustrating in the way there's no good hints given and being just illogical. And the game is perhaps a bit too combat oriented.

The Bottom Line

You'll perhaps be surprised when I say this, but I actually enjoyed the game. The first time through it was nice enough... I'm a big AitD fan so I guess that's the only real reason why I liked it. It's no game I'd like to recommend, it's far too "light" and simple, go and play the original Alone in the Dark series instead.