Retro Force Credits (PlayStation)

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Retro Force Credits

Production Team

ProducersEmma Killilea, Dave Semmens
Lead DesignerWayne Imlach
Design TeamKevin Finnigan, Mark McGinley
Additional DesignersJody Cobb, Wayne Parsons
Lead ProgrammerMike Chilton
Programming TeamSimon Booth, Ben Dixon, Neil Paterson
Additional ProgrammingSimon Brown
Lead ArtistMark Frazer
Art TeamBen Devereau, Chris Hogg, Andy Walker
FMV Artist/SupervisorNicky Carus-Wescott
FMV ArtistChris Hogg
MusicGary McKill
Sound FXGary McKill
Original ConceptSimon Booth
Storyline ConceptNicky Carus-Wescott
Storyline DevelopmentRussell Coburn

Leeds Studio

Studio ManagerJonathan Freedman
Head ProducerPhil Quirke-Webster
Programming ManagerSam Brown
Art ManagerCarlos Ulloa
Content/Design ManagerPaul Walker
Network AdministratorRob Needle
Office Production AssistantsBeverly Chadwick, Kristy Woolger
Project ManagerJonathan Jowitt
Design LiaisonMark A. C. Green

Test Department

Quality Assurance ManagerPeter Samuels
Pre Alpha TestingArthur Parsons
Alpha Test SupervisorPaul Tweedle
Alpha TestersAlan McArdle, Matt Brookes, Colin Berry
Beta Test SupervisorMark Inman
Beta TestersTracey Tweedle, Paul Moreton, Allan Pinnington
Internal SubmissionMark O'Connor, Greig Brown, Michael Aspinall, Colin Berry
QA OperationsBarry John Edwards
Demo Co‑OrdinatorSharon Ormsby
Software Operations ManagerVanessa Wood
Guideline Audit ControllersJohanna Murphy
Guideline AuditorThomas O'Connor


Central Product DevelopmentDawn Paine
Product ManagersLorna Owen (France), Frank Fay (Germany), Olivia Greenberg (UK), Robin Kausch (USA), Douglas Sherman (USA), Karen Humphries (RoW)
Head of PRAllison Fennah
Manual and Packaging TextRussell Coburn
The Leeds Studio would like to thank the following for their contributionGary Johnson, Adrian Parr, Sarah Harris, Phil Jones, Graham Stafford, Ian Hetherington, Simon Gardner, Graham Oakes, Luke McGinley, Simon Jones, Liam Jones, Daniel Bishop, Chris Semmens, George, M62, Canton Flavour, The Courtyard, LEEDS STUDIO - Class of '96, And the long suffering partners and flatmates of the game team.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tobias K├╝per (302)