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DesignDoug Barnett
Art DirectionJoseph Asperin
Technical DirectionWilliam D. Volk
ScreenplayMichele Em
MusicTeri Mason Christian, Nathan Wang
ProducerEddie Dombrower
Lead ProgrammerJoseph T. Chow
Audio EngineerMichael B. Schwartz
System ProgrammersMark Guidarelli, David Harr (as David J. Harr), David Zobel
ArtistsMike Ford, Scott Goffman, Kimberly Jaynes, Tim R. Powell, Eric M. Scharf, Gary Stevens, Alexander Story, Charles L. Workman
ProgrammersGarry B. Frank, Brian Dean Jennings (as Brian Jennings), Tom Ketola, Diannah Morgan, Tim Morten, Edward T. Purcell, Francisco Serret (as Cisco Serret), David Betz, David Stifel

Console Conversion Activison

ProducerBill Swartz
Associate ProducerGeorge Collins
Production CoordinatorDavid Stohl
System ProgrammingDavid Harr (as David J. Harr)
Game ProgrammingGarry B. Frank
Quality Assurance DirectorJon Doellstedt
Test ManagerDavid Arnspiger
PlayStation Testing - Testing StaffChuck Bonini, Abraham Heward, Douglas Jacobs
Translation for Japanese VersionMieko Mochizuki (as Mieko Mochizuki-Kirin)
Video Production DirectorPeter Sprague
Cast In Order of AppearanceWilliam McAllister (Wizard Trembyle), Howard Mann (Lighthouse Keeper), Edan Gross (Waif), Deena Langer (Ms. Peepers), Raoul Rizik (Mayor), Harold Smith (Boos Myller), Elaine Lively (Molly Moodock), Ernie Lively (Moadikum Moodock), Michael Stadvec (Blacksmith), A. J. Langer (Rebecca Snoot), Peter Sprague (Rancher Pugney), Charles Carpenter (Guardian), Matt Grimaldi (Cliff), Jason Hervey (Troll), Jason Lively (Ben Fyshin), Michelle Dahlin (Witch Itah), Jojo Marr (Canuk), Robin Lively (Fairy), Sam Jones (Bowman), Lori Lively (Tree Spirit), Julie St. Clare (Holy Woman), Nino Surdo (Dwarven Leader), Leonardo Surdo (Dwarven General), Charles Carpenter (Orc Leader), Michael Johnson (Rooper)
Animal WranglerBenay's Birds & Animals
Hair & MakeupKelly Greer
CostumesMaritza Mazariego
Production AssistantKen Mason

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77784)