Riven: The Sequel to Myst Credits


Designed and directed byRobyn Miller, Richard Vander Wende
Produced byRand Miller
Production ManagerTony Fryman
Lead Programmer and D´ni historianRichard A. Watson
CG Production DirectorJoshua A. Staub
CG Artists / AnimatorsJoshua A. Staub, Jason C. Baskett, Michael Bostick, Tony Davidson, Jeremy Engleman, Robert Grace, Tim Greenberg, Robin Higgin-Foley, Bret St. Clair
CG Technical DirectorKarl Stiefvater
Additional CG AnimationPatrick Faille, Eric Vignola
Compositing and additional CG World AssemblyMichael Sheets
Effects Programming EngineerMark H. DeForest
Post Production Engineer and additional ProgrammingRyan Miller
Gameplay DesignJoshua A. Staub, Rand Miller, Robyn Miller, Richard Vander Wende, Richard A. Watson
Lead Sound DesignTim Larkin
Music composed and produced byRobyn Miller
Music Sampling Engineer and additional Sound DesignChristopher Brandkamp
Live Action Segments written and directed byTim Greenberg, Richard Vander Wende
Assistant Production ManagerBonnie Staub
Systems AdministratorJohn M. Biggs
Additional Production ManagementDennis Leahy
CG Technical AssistantEric Arnold
Journals written byTim Greenberg, Richard Vander Wende
Cathrine´s Journal byMary Anderson
Casting AssistanceBelinda Hunt, Kinslee Miller, Ryan Miller
Costume DesignerCatherine Hunt
D´ni background model (from Myst)Chuck Carter
Gate Room illustrationsRichard Downs
WigsJoyce Degenfelder
Seattle Opera PropsRobert Bovil, Cour Dain, Joseph Fisher, Gaye Gardner
Additional Cyan SupportChristopher Brandkamp, Al Carlson, Heather Ferguson-Gady, Byron R. Heinemann, Mark Klammer, Jeff Oswaldt

The People of Cyan

Shaders byLume Inc.
Sound Design and Live Action Foley and MixMartin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori (O'Donnell/Salvatori Music Chicago IL)
CastJohn Keston (Gehn), Sheila Goold (Catherine), Rand Miller (Atrus), Christine Steel (Nelah), Vicente Ramos (Gehn's Guard), Ernie Whitecloud (Moiety Prisoner), Kate Vander Wende (Leira/Keta), Micah Biggs (Village Boy), Tony Fryman (Gehn's Scribe), Sydney Wakan (Girl in Jungle), Ryan Miller (Moiety Scout)
Live Action Filmed ByPVR San Francisco CA
Voiceover TalentRengin Altay (Catherine)
Gehn's Age SkyMatte World Digital
CostumesKaufman‑Davis Studio, Seattle Opera
Prop ConstructionSeattle Opera
Special Thanks toEveryone who played Myst - Riven exists because of you!, Everyone at Brøderbund - especially, Dennis Leahy, Laurie Strand, Everyone at Sunsoft Inc - especially, Masami Maeda, Kiharu Yoshida, The Original Myst team, John Miller, Kass Kapsiak, Katie Fisher, Rhode Island Historical Society, The City of Santa Fe New Mexico, Wesley Morris (Net-Tel)
Extra Special Thanks toThe Cyan Team. Your efforts have been superhuman. Thank you for caring about this project! The families and loved ones of everyone closely associated for living through the deadlines with us.
Extra, Extra Special Thanks toDebbie Miller, Kinslee Miller, Kerryn Miller, Kara Miller, Mary Beth Miller, Alexander Miller, Grace Miller, Abraham Miller, Kate Vander Wende, Helen Vander Wende, Evie Vander Wende, We love you and couldn't have done it without you!, Robyn and Rand would like to thank their parents, Ronald Miller, Barbara Miller, for their remarkable emotional and spiritual support and for their unfailing love., And Richard would like to thank, Garry Vander Wende, Evelyn Vander Wende, his parents - I owe everything to you [but don't worry I'll pay you back some day].
Package DesignCyan, Tolleson Design
Package IllustrationCyan

PVR Crew

Director of PhotographySteve Kotton
Live Action Production ManagerRenee Jensen
Assistant CameraJames Pusch
GafferMike Van Dine
GripAlex Robinson
Ultimatte OperatorSprague Anderson
AudioRobert Tachories
Videotape OperatorsWayne Cory, Jeff Piccinni
Make‑UpNancie Marsalis, Joanne Edmonds
Wardrobe AssistantPamela Buss
Live Action ContinuityPat Burke, David Van Woert
Live Action EditorMichael Albanese, Aldo DiVergilio
Assistant EditorVince Oresman
Digital Video CaptureJ. Anthony Ruffo, Derek Gatlin
Operations ManagerSteve Manke
Post‑Production CoordinatorLaurie Lamson
Voiceover EngineersNorth by Northwest Productions
Additional Sound Design for O'Donnell/Salvatori MusicPaul Heitsch, John Binder, Mark Devos, Brian W. Jennings, Sean Richards, Jeff Krajewski (Fuse Music and Design Chicago IL)

Sunsoft Development Team

Product ManagerShigeki Shimizu
Lead ProgrammerTakashi Nakata
Additional ProgrammerAtsushi Horikawa, Masaru Kanai, Masahiro Imaizumi, Hiroya Matsugami, Seiji Sasaki, Takashi Niimi
System EngineerAkihiro Asada
Sound ProgrammerKazuo Nii
Chief Graphic EditorYumiko Ueno
Graphic EditorMasaaki Sato, Hidetoshi Katagiri, Takuro Nagai, Tadashi Kojima
Sound DataNaomasa Nakata, Ko Arakawa, Satoshi Asano
Debug & TestingAtsushi Naono, Ryuji Mouri, Kazunori Ōwada, T. Suzuki, Akiko Tange, S. Moriuchi, Kōji Matsuda, H. Kotake
Special ThanksMasami Maeda, Kiharu Yoshida, Shizuya Furukawa, Masato Kawai, Kazuko Harman, Kenji Yoshioka, Hiroaki Higashiya, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Dennis Leahy, and all Sun Corporation Staff and Cyan Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by msl (353) and PolloDiablo (16901)