Riven: The Sequel to Myst Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Atrus holding the linking book to Riven
Unknown person releases you from the cage but takes one of our books
Iron foot bridge
Turning around on the iron foot bridge you notice the Great Golden Dome
View of other islands in the Riven complex from the iron foot bridge
Tramway to Jungle Island
In game menu
Atrus Journal
Riding the tram to Jungle Island
Disc changes when passing from one area to another
Crossing a wooden foot bridge
From Jungle island you can see the Great Golden Dome in the far distance
On the gate entrance to the jungle we see a beetle that flies away when we touch it
The lagoon submarine waiting to be launched
Lagoon below from high above
The mine cart underwater
In mine cart approaching Crater Island
Lake at Crater Island
In the middle of crater island lake a boiler value junction switch
View from the middle of the lake