Road Rash: Jailbreak Credits (PlayStation)

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Road Rash: Jailbreak Credits


Creative DirectionRandall Breen, Mike Lopez
Game Design, Tuning and DirectionRandall Breen, Mike Lopez
Character/Vehicle visual Design and DirectionLori Washbon
World Visual Design and DirectionDaniel D. Wood
Technical DesignJames Rogers
Country DesignJoel Wade
Urban DesignStephen Murray
World CreationAaron McClay, Stephen Murray, Joel Wade
VP ProductionRichard Hilleman
ProducerHunter Smith
Associate ProducerStephen Murray
Assistant ProducerJoel Wade
Production SupportTimothy Attuquayefio
Project ManagementJennifer Christenson, Audrey Gustafson
Engineering Manager and LeadJames Rogers
Development DirectorDana Tom
Assist. Development DirectorStephen Barry
Front End, Optimization and PanoramasDan Burnash
Opponent AIPriamos Georgiades
Tools and AI/Physics SupportCary Gee
Audio and StreamingDavid O'Neal
Animation and F/XRavindar Roopreddy
Object RenderingJames Rogers
World RenderingMark Vaden
Physics and CameraCyril Zeller
World BuilderMichael Beese, Cary Gee, Stephen Murray, Dennis Ortiz
Streaming and Optimization SupportScott Eklund
EA Acadamy InternsPavan Chatlani, Michael Delp
Build and Tools EngineerVivek Melwani
Additional Optimization SupportDean Grandquist, Jason Woodward
Art Director and Lead ArtistDaniel D. Wood
3D Character AnimationSung Moon Kwon
World 2D/3D ArtistsAnthony Fong, Arthur Koch, Tim-John deVroede
Pedestrians and VehiclesMira F. Ross
Additional 3D Art SupportAlex Mathis, Santiago Nunez, Jean Z. Xiong
EA Academy InternMarc Wilhelm
Lead TesterTimothy Attuquayefio
Asst. Lead TestMatthew Dominguez
TestersMatthew C. Brown, David Constantino, Eric Crippen, Kevin David, Romulo Rodriguez, Gary Rondez, Luke Sutton

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Credits for this game were contributed by smurray (97)