Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20710)
Written on  :  Apr 07, 2005
Platform  :  PlayStation

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Hardcore racing where boys become men!

The Good

Oooh mama! Now , I don't usually do racing simulation games...and under normal circumstances I avoid them like the plague. But this little beauty is my little secret. It's not just another simulation racing...I really hate those kinds of games where it's just racing. Well Road Rash has a bonus. It has acceptable levels of violence in it...

This is not a race for boys. This is the mean streets! Rules? There are no rules. You all pump up your engines in the start line but what happens on the streets stay on the streets. It takes pure skill when racing at 160 RPM and still have the time to knock the living daylights out of your fellow competitors. Give them a kick and watch'em fly! Birdwatchers, eat 'yer heart out!

This would be the motor version of Grand Theft Auto. This game simply has no morals. Sometimes you intentionally hit that slow moving granny crossing the street. Real-time melee with the local cops is always a must, may it be with chains, kicks or good ol' fashion punching...when playing multiplayer, the melee combat is so much more important than the race itself. It's a matter of pride. Pure male ego.

When not comparing macho levels playing against fellow human wannabe's, I spend most of my time playing the campaign mode. This game kinda introduced me to some hardcore metal music that was still understandable enough for my age (high school was it?). The corny cartoon graphics still appeals to me come to think of it but you can never forget the sound of those engines running.

The campaign mode has a fairly simple concept. Enter races, win cash, buy faster bikes. The ending cutscenes are always a bonus...

The Bad

Well sometimes you race to fast...next thing you know, your the target of the birdwatchers. Boy, when you fly your really fly. Sometimes it's a long walk back to your bike (or what's left of it)...and when your having a bad day...there'll be a cop waiting just for you on the crash site.

The Bottom Line

Hardcore racing...a must for boyz growing up to be men.