Roll Away Credits

Game Design Sweden AB

Original Concept IdeaJohannes Söderqvist
ProgrammingStefan Persson, Jens Rudberg, Jesper Rudberg
Game DesignStefan Persson, Jens Rudberg, Jesper Rudberg, Johannes Söderqvist
GraphicsJohannes Söderqvist
Level DesignJesper Rudberg
Additional Level DesignMattias Karlgren, Stefan Persson, Jens Rudberg, Martin Stigels, Richard Stigels, Johannes Söderqvist
Music & Sound EffectsTwice A Man

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

ProducerSean Kelly
Product ManagerChristopher Ansell
Manual WriterJim Sangster
Print ProductionMartin Pearce
Manual ApprovalLee Travers
Manual TestingPeter Gawthorne
QA ManagerTony Bourne
Head of Internal TestingSteven Archer
Internal Development Co-ordinatorJim McCabe
Lead TesterPhil Green
TestersPaul Essue, Dee Wiswell, John Cassidy, Andy Macoy, Ian Cunliffe, Richard Bunn
Testers (uncredited)Dominic Berzins
Packaging DesignFluid, Nadim Othman

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