Sentinel Returns (PlayStation)

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Written by  :  jonny banks (3)
Written on  :  Jul 10, 2003
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
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An addictive, nail-biting strategy game full of tension and brain hurting puzzles.

The Good

The 600+ levels of strategic puzzles make the game a challenge to anyone who wants to finish it. The music plays extremely well with the game, which put me on the edge of my seat while still trying to destroy the 'Sentinel'. Very fun, a good game to buy if wanting to play something more challenging.

The Bad

I would have preferred a few more landscapes as it only has about 5, but none the less, its still a great game without it.

The Bottom Line

Enter a surreal world where you must battle the Sentinel and his sentries over 650 chequered, 3D landscapes. Energy and movement are completely redefined in this unique blend of arcade and strategy elements. You, only known as an intelligent presence, move about the landscape by teleporting between robot "hulls". Any object in your field of vision can be absorbed for energy, as long as you also see the square of the landscape that the object is standing on. By aiming at any square your can see, and spending energy, you can create a new robot hull and teleport your presence to it, or you can create neutral objects: trees to block yourself from the Sentinel's gaze, or boulders that can be stacked. You gain height in the landscape by creating a robot on top of a stack of boulders, until you can see the Sentinel's square at the highest point in the landscape and absorb him. The problem is that the Sentinel slowly rotates and ruthlessly absorbs anything in his field of vision that is more potent than a tree, including yourself. In later levels, his sentries will threaten you with absorption from several directions.