Shadow Man Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
The game begins as Jack the Ripper receives a strange visitor...
"Legion" recruits Jack as the first of many serial killers to come.
Meanwhile in the present, Mike arrives at Nettie's hideout.
Mike in human form, in the real world.
Water slows your walking.
Nettie's house up on the hill.
Voodoo priestess Nettie controls Mike's power.
Nettie's case file details each of the brutal serial killers.
Close up on Mike... not looking to good on the PS version.
You can equip weapons or items to either hand.
The teddy bear is used to travel between worlds.
Off to Deadside...
Deadside is where all souls go when they die.
Mike becomes Shadow Man in Deadside.
Shadow Man's gun shoots blue energy at lost souls.
Enemies become overloaded with energy from the gun and explode.
Another zombie soul falls to Shadow Man.
Absorbing the life energy of a defeated enemy.
Jaunty is Shadow Man's Deadside guide, and some kind of skull... serpent... thing.
Off to explore Deadside.