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The Simpsons Wrestling (PlayStation)

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The Simpsons Wrestling Credits

Fox Interactive

ProducerDavid Wisehart
Associate ProducersMichael Schneider, Harish Rao
Lead TesterJeff Tatman
Assitant Lead TesterMichael Dunn
TestersGeoff Bent, Ben Borth, Tony Black, Terrance Brant, Seth Cantor, James Carone, Joe Castellano, Michael Graham, Anant Jiemjitpolchai, Shaun Kennedy, Duc Lai, Joseph Lamas, Donald Lewis, Jonathan Masterson, Young Park, Denise Pater, James Robles, Alvaro Silva, Jeffrey Spierer, Nathan Sutter, Daan Wisehart, Hal Zabie, Brian Zenns
Test ManagerDon Sexton
StarringDan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer
The Simpsons ThemeDanny Elfman
Dialogue ByJamie Angell
Itchy and Scratchy ThemeAlf Clausen
Music byChristopher Tyng
Special ThanksWhitney Reed, Sandra Teles, Jamie Samson, Maria Hernandez, Tina Kowalewski, Luke Letizia, Tom Gastall, Timothy Ramage, Danny Ruiz, David Shaw, Jack Van Leer, Rozita Tolouey, Karly Young, David Boyd, Eric Asevo, Sung Yoo, Erik Larson, Chris Miller, Victor Rodriguez, Gary Sheinwald, Peter Cesario, Priscilla Bourbonnais, Karen Mangon

Big Ape Productions

Senior ProgrammerRobert Leyland, Thomas Schenck
Technical DirectorDean Sharpe
Additional ProgrammingStephen Ash
Level Builder/AI ScriptersJohn Barnes, Mike Ebert
Additional ArtworkDan Ross
Sound EffectsClint Bajakian
ToolsGlen Volk, Robert Leyland
3D Modeler/AnimatorRay West
Anitmator/Level BuilderEric Wilder

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