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Play it because you want more Simpsons quotes in your life... NOT because you want a good wrestling game WildKard (12986) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
A Simpsons Playstation game at last! Grant McLellan (624) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars
This isn't the worst Simpsons game, but it is pretty bad J.D. Majors (17) 2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars
It isn't great, but there's worse. Peter Vecchio (8) 3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Overall User Score (20 votes) 2.8

Critic Reviews

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Gamezilla (Apr 27, 2001)
Overall I found this to be a fun game. If you are a fan of The Simpsons and of fighting or wrestling games then you’ll very likely want to check this out. There’s a good chance that people who don’t like fighting games much but that DO like The Simpsons may find some enjoyment with this game too if for nothing else than the funny taunts and such. Just don’t touch it at all if you can’t stand The Simpsons (but if that’s the case, why are you still reading this anyway?). Its fairly simplistic controls and great artwork, sounds, comments, taunts, and varied attacks between characters contributed a lot to my desire to go back for more and made the game accessible to a wide variety of skill levels which is why I give this game a score of 85.
GameZone (Apr 25, 2001)
This is a fun program, not particularly intelligent, but an enjoyable exercise in fastest finger game play. The characters will bring a smile to your face, the comedy is straight from the television show, and the animation is well done. This may not be, in an overview of the sports genre, the best wrestling program on the market, but it delivers what the cover advertises. If you purchase and play this game, you won’t be sitting there afterwards yelling, “doh!”
PSX Nation (Apr 09, 2001)
We still have yet to receive a quality Simpsons game. If I were running Activision I'd license the Simpsons, throw on the upcoming Tony Hawk 3 engine and launch a Simpsons Skateboarding game that any fan could be proud of. Simpsons Wrestling is one of the better Simpsons games I've ever played but unfortunately that isn't saying much.
GameSpot (Apr 11, 2001)
In the end, wit and charm are the two most redeeming features of The Simpsons Wrestling, as it simply can't survive on its gameplay alone. However, in spite of its weak gameplay, The Simpsons Wrestling has plenty of laughs in store for devout fans of the series.
PSX Extreme (Apr 19, 2001)
I know I didn't really say much about Simpsons Wrestling, but that's simply because it isn't a game that much could be said of. It is a very shallow playing game, but its a good way to get your anger out on something and have a little fun. The visuals do a good job looking like the cartoon as does the sound do a good job. Simpsons Wrestling isn't exactly worth a $39.99 purchase, and I'm quite surprised that the game doesn't retail for $19.99 or $9.99, since it isn't exactly a technological achievement. But the game is worth a rental and since there are millions of Simpsons fans with Playstations, the game will sell.
Playzone (Feb 19, 2001)
Wenn die wohl beste Fernsehserie der Welt endlich ihr eigenes PSone-Spiel bekommt, sollte man einen originellen, abgedrehten, glänzend aussehenden Titel mit Langzeitmotivation erwarten. Leider werden diese Erwartungen bei Simpsons Wrestling nur teilweise erfüllt. Relativ originell sind die verschiedenen Kampfstile der Bewohner Springfields, von denen acht gleich zu Beginn anwählbar sind.
If you own this system, and still wasted your money on The Simpsons Wrestling hoping for a change, just put your head down, look sad and say Doh! I didn't find one iota of change between the systems. Not that it really would have made that much of a difference. In all honesty, do yourself a favor, avoid The Simpsons Wrestling. If Activision is smart, they'll take a line from Bart in the earlier seasons and say, 'I didn't do it.'
While it looks good and sounds great, the sad truth is that Simpsons Wrestling will appeal to only the most ardent of the series’ fans. A clear case of style over substance, this title’s overly simplified fighting mechanics make it a snap to learn, and even easier to forget after the repetitious fights bore you to tears. The real saving grace is an excellent audio presentation, which combines fairly catchy tunes with catch phrases taken straight from the show and re-voiced for the game. If you’re looking for a simple, mindless fighter, or just have to own all things Simpson, then this title will appeal to you; otherwise, give it a miss in favor of a release that puts its gameplay at least on par with its licensed characters in terms of importance.
GamesCollection (Feb 21, 2008)
Purtroppo, giochi come questo confermarono la strategia Sony di sfruttare le sue console come veicoli per lanci pubblicitari (vedi Pepsi Man, o The Mission) e di prodotti dettati da un certo tipo di trend cafone e chiassoso, ben lontano da veri standard videoludici, e, soprattutto, ben lontani anche dalla media dall’onestà e, sì, anche ingenuità delle produzioni “minori” della Ocean, della Titus o della Acclaim, venti anni fa.
In short, this game simply doesn't do justice to the series. It seems that The Simpsons videogames in general, with the possible exception of the arcade beat 'em up based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles engine, are below average in quality. Do not buy this game unless you are a fan that simply has to have every piece of The Simpsons merchandise released on the shelves.
GamersMark (Oct 22, 2001)
In closing, not even a Simpsons die hard should buy this game. Go rent it and see for yourself how badly the license was murdered. Let’s hope for the better with Simpsons Road Rage, all though my hopes aren’t too high.
I’m not sure why this game was ever made. If you have enough patience you may attempt to complete it that one time, but never play it again, or you might play it a few times with your mate, and soon get bored. The graphics, the sound effects and the limited amount of moves all make this game that little bit non-exciting, if you will, boring. I can assure you, I won’t be rushing down the shops for this, or even going down the shops at all for that matter.
GamePro (US) (Jun 05, 2001)
The Simpsons perform a stellar face-plant in the wrestling ring with The Simpsons Wrestling, an awful grappler that's neither fun to play nor entertaining to watch.
No one likes The Simpsons or wrestling more than I do, and this is the worst video game representation of either that I have ever seen. I poop on the pathetic graphics, gameplay, character list, and entertainment value of this swill. You're better off using your money to buy a hammer and pound gravel into your forehead.
Consoles Plus (Apr, 2001)
Première mauvaise nouvelle, c'est du sport d'esbroufe à la ricaine, du catch. Deuxième mauvaise nouvelle, c'est moche à mort. Troisième mauvaise nouvelle, c'est pas marrant, les persos ont trois coups et demi dans leur besace et se déplacent comme des bulldozers engraissés à l'ESB. Beaucoup pour un seul jeu, non ?
PSM (Jul, 2001)
Just so you don't get any strange ideas, this game has little to do with the actual show and less to do with wrestling. Choosing one of a dozen different characters each, up to two players can enter a huge ring and execute terribly animated attacks on one another until bored. This usually takes about thirty seconds. Even the most hardcore Simpsons fan will be appalled by this game, which, despite its title, has nothing in common with wrestling, except for the ring, and we're not too sure about that.
Cheat Code Central (May, 2004)
If you want to waste your money on this one, go ahead. For the life of me I can't understand why Activision decided to get involved in this one. Was their reputation just on too much of a good jag or what? I mean, this game was originally in Fox Interactive's hands. So how and why did Activision decide to publish it? Perhaps they smelled some profit on the game's recognition alone? The low down: Simpson's Wrestling is pure unmitigated crapola in fancy packaging. Worse than Superman for the Nintendo 64 and in dire need of a good smashing.
After wallowing in mediocrity for countless years, Fox Interactive finally dipped back into its stable of blockbuster licenses, one of which is The Simpsons – a property filled with so much potential it could literally be used to create a game in any genre…even wrestling. This obscure venture could work. It could be entertaining. It could be just as enjoyable as a WWF game. So why does it fail in every conceivable way?
Gaming Age (Jun 14, 2001)
Watching your favorite Simpsons characters battle it out is fun, but even die-hard fans will have a problem liking the horrid gameplay that comes with it.
Gamekult (Apr 27, 2001)
Licence de dessin animé américain oblige, seuls des personnages de série animée américaine peuvent trouver les qualificatifs adéquats pour parler de Simpsons Wrestling, à savoir les héros de South Park, bien connus pour leur grossièreté et leur verve injurieuse. Pour les yeux chastes, nous ne les laisserons cependant pas s'exprimer ici, et préférons trouver quelques adjectifs approchants, bien qu'insuffisants : Simpsons Wrestling est totalement inintéressant, et méchamment injouable. A vous de traduire ça "façon South Park"...
IGN (Apr 06, 2001)
Simpsons Wrestling could have been an OK game at best, but the low-ball production nightmare found in this cheap old sow ruins any chance of redemption. The funny thing is, I bet Simpsons Wrestling sells quite well. After all, it says Simpsons and wrestling in the title. It's a no-brainer. It's just too bad that there is not one redeemable aspect in this...thing. I feel sorry for anyone who buys this, and what's more, I feel sorry for the Simpsons license, which deserves more. Shame should hang like a noose on everyone who worked on this title.
Game Revolution (Apr, 2001)
When you think of The Simpsons, you categorically DON'T think of wrestling...and there's a good reason why. This is a match made in the deepest recesses of Hell, a few feet from the where they make forbidden donuts. Looks like we've found the first forbidden game.