Skullmonkeys Credits (PlayStation)

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Skullmonkeys Credits

The Neverhood

Lead ArtistsStephen Crow, Mark Lorenzen, Ellis Goodson
Lead AnimatorsMichael Francis Dietz, Edward Schofield, Douglas TenNapel, Eric Ciccone
Assistant AnimatorsMark Caballero, Marty Davis, Shawn McLean, Kenneth Wong
Lead ProgrammersBrian Belfield, Kenton Leach, Tim Lorenzen
Level DesignersJoseph A. Sanabria, Vanessa Jones
Lead TesterLuis Gigliotti
MusicTerry Scott Taylor
Additional ProgrammingNicholas A. Jones
Still PhotosJoseph A. Sanabria
Lighting DirectorChristopher Breedon
Sound FX and DesignErnie Sheesley
Characters Created byDouglas TenNapel
Assistant Movie Clean-upDave Adams
ArmaturesPeter Marinello, Ronnie Sharone
Additional SculptsMark Villalobos
Level LogosJoe Potter
The LawJeffrey W. Rose
BookkeepingLaurie Jacobs
Office ManagerAngie TenNapel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Edmard Schooner (34)