Sky Sports Football Quiz Credits

Project Management

Project ManagerAndrew Luckett
Project TeaboyJamie Toghill

Game Design

Lead DesignRob Davies
Additional DesignJamie Toghill

Software Engineering

Lead ProgrammingAdam Dobson
PC ProgrammingAndrew Baker, Thomas Sarkanen
Console ProgrammingThomas Sarkanen
Question Testing ToolAndrew Baker
Additional ProgrammingAdrian Scotney, Adrian Brown, Tim Mann, Paul Carpenter

Art Team

Lead Artist   Rob Snow
3D Graphic SequencesDan Pearce
Artist & Asset LayoutMike Baker
Interface Photography   Rob Snow
Video Editing   Dan Pearce
Mechanic & Interface PrototypingRob Snow
Music & Sound EffectsPaul Weir (@ Earcom)


ScriptRob Davies, Jamie Toghill
Research / Question SettingJamie Toghill
QuestionsRobert Astle, Brian Crane, Bernard Morris, Pete Howfield (at World Wide Quiz Supplies)
Question TestingAsam Ahmad, Martin Carr, Tony Cornock, Pat Cummings, Ian Curran, Rob Davies, Lee Dowsett, Ross Evans, Jez Harris, Sven Hayward, Lee Jones, Truc an Lam, Chris Lewis, Andrew Luckett, Peter Moreland, Michael Pattison, Tim Potter, Adrian Scotney, Oliver Smith, Chris Sutton, Darren Williams, Richard Williams, Kristjan Zadziuk, Jon Mayes
Quality AssuranceAndrew Luckett, Jon Mayes, Andy Taylor, Jamie Toghill, Daniel Waldron
Sky TelevisionAvni Chandaria, Trevor East, Paul Fuller, Kirsty Gallacher, Kerry Ghais, Andy Gray, Chris Haynes, Andy Melvin, Martin Tyler, Vic Wakeling
IT and OperationsNatalie Bailey, Stuart Collier, Gina Schifield, Simon Vass
WebsiteStuart Collier, Matthew Trim

THQ International

Managing DirectorIan Curran
Senior Marketing ManagerRichard Williams
Senior PR Manager  Asam Ahmad
Quality AssuranceBabel Media Limited
Design & CreativeHolmes & Marchant Comms.
Print ProductionSharron Traversari
ManualAlkis Alkiviades (at The Write Stuff)
With Thanks toNick Court, David Hart, Louise Shaw, SN Systems, Grant Dean, Simon Dallas, Jessica Bent, Bristol's Wide Range Of Food Retailers, The Can Machine On The 14th Floor

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Michael Pattison, 93 other games
Alkis Alkiviades, 62 other games
Andrew Luckett, 60 other games
Paul Weir, 55 other games
Richard Williams, 49 other games
Ian Curran, 43 other games
Adrian Brown, 37 other games
Peter Moreland, 35 other games
Grant Dean, 30 other games
Rob Davies, 27 other games
Jamie Toghill, 25 other games
Andy Gray, 24 other games
Adam Dobson, 23 other games
Tim Mann, 20 other games
Chris Lewis, 19 other games
Jez Harris, 16 other games
Martin Tyler, 16 other games
Nick Court, 16 other games
Stuart Collier, 15 other games
Adrian Scotney, 15 other games
Kristjan Zadziuk, 14 other games
Martin Carr, 13 other games
David Hart, 12 other games
Paul Carpenter, 12 other games
Asam Ahmad, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (149514) and Andrew Luckett (117)