Sno-Cross Championship Racing Credits

UDS Sports Team

Project LeaderOskar Burman
Lead ProgrammerFredrik Persson
ProgrammerJimmy Nilsson, Henrik Meijer
Additional ProgrammerMikael Emtinger, Tord Jansson, Torgil Zechel
Lead ArtistJimmy Gustafsson
ArtistTomas Andersson, Mattias Kylén, Magnus Hollmo
FMVErland Körner
Music & SFXChristian Björklund

Crave US Team

Executive ProducerMichael Arkin
Associate ProducerMonica Singh Haley
QA ManagerMichael Schneider
Active LeadJohn Kellogg
TesterBrett Bigley, Judy Britton, Daniel Echeverria, George Gomez, Solomon Kupu, Jeff Nachbaur, Romeo Ramirez, Richard Robledo, Ron Talay, Kazuo M. Tanaka, G. Maximillian Zarou
VP of MarketingPaul Sackman
Marketing Product ManagerMark Gersh

Crave Europe

Operations DirectorAndreas von Gliszczynski
Localization DirectorSophie Cristobal
Director of Product ManagementMarc Buro
Package DesignTURBO D3

Crave Germany

Marketing LeitungThomas Jäpel
MarketingMarjon Leenen, Birte Rosenkranz
PRReza Abdolali, Klaus Kock

Crave France

MarketingAline Gugliermina, Aurélie Diridollou
PRFranck Sébastien

Special thanks to

Nima Taghavi, Holly Newman, Mark Burke, The Games Agency, Memovision, Christer Wagenius, SVEMO, Dennis Petit, Mike Furnish, Luke Wiedemann, Kenneth Pettersson, Yamaha Corp. Japan

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Credits for this game were contributed by tas fee (116)