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Soviet Strike (PlayStation)

Soviet Strike Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title Screen
General Earle (played by John Marzilli) is your superior and the leader of the Strike.net team.
Hack ( played by Antwon Tanner) is Strike.net's resident computer wizard and information hunter.
Taking out a radar installation.
Unloading ammo on a guard tower.
Fast-paced cutscenes before each mission introduce objectives and information about allies & adversaries.
The "Super Apache" on a mission "North of Operation Desert Strike".
Andrea Gray (played by Sue Turner-Cray) is Strike.net's covert ops agent.
The "SMFD" (Super Multi-Functional Display) contains all the information necessary to carry out missions.
In addition to text, videos can be brought up for enemy and mission data.
Hitting a convoy
Messages update you as the situation changes.
Select unlocks the camera from follow mode.
Explosive prison rescue.
Quite a few objectives per mission/map.
So much for your coastal defences.
Those guns weren't built to take missiles.
Guns make short work of this camp.
Use the winch to pick up ammo and hostages.
A map familiar to Snatcher fans.
Low-res aerial photos are used for ground textures.
Flying over Red Square.
Prevent these tanks from destroying this building.
Can't hit what they can't track.