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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.8

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Gamezilla (Nov 03, 1999)
This game is a joy to play. It takes a simple game concept from the past and gives it some refreshing updates with some new twists that don’t destroy the nostalgia of the original. I particularly loved the way the save feature works as you aren’t forced to play for a set amount of time before being able to save. Any fan of classic gaming should be able to appreciate this game to its fullest extent -- especially since the original is hidden within and several other references are made to it. Even if you aren’t necessarily into classic gaming but just want to play something simpler than your average game these days, this one may be for you, which is why I give this game a score of 87.
PSX Nation (Oct 07, 1999)
As I said if you still enjoy the original game then you'll be estatic with the update. It doesn't veer far from the original though it adds a little icing on the top. I had a good time recalling past memories and those looking for some frogger like nostalgia will be pleased.
The granddaddy of all shooters gets a facelift for the Playstation! If you have ever been curious about how the whole home console "shooter" style video game market got started you need look no further than Space Invaders. Of course the game now looks much, much better than the original due to all of the colorful aliens, detailed backgrounds and great special effects. The good news though is that while the graphics look really nice the game still manages to retain that classic Space Invaders feel. While the overall repetitive nature of the game may not appeal to everybody, the more you stick with it the more depth of play you will find with the title. I also highly recommend the two-player cooperative mode. It's really a blast! Activision has definitely done this classic title justice.
Obviously, if you have any fondness for the arcade version of Space Invaders, the PSX revamp holds a lot appeal for you and is definitely worth picking up. For the casual gamer or even those who never had much experience with the original machine, Space Invaders is a title that gives you a lot of play value for your dollar. As mentioned, it’s extremely addictive and a lot of fun. In fact, the first time you pick up the controller, I’ll bet you’ll be surprised by how much time passes before you’ll be able to put it down.
IGN (Oct 21, 1999)
I believe basic improvements, such as a smarter AI and a wider range of villains, are appropriate for the title. You must change with the times, while maintaining the game's integrity and playability. Go out and rent it if you can. Give it a good look, and if you're like most people who've played the original Space Invaders, you'll be hooked for hours.
PSM (Dec, 1999)
The retro rollercoaster has left a lot of duds in its tracks, but Space Invaders from Activision isn't one of them. Acquired from Japanese makers Taito, this update may not have redefined the game, but it certainly packs a decent punch. Whether it will sell well as a full-price game, however, is hard to say-but you could do far worse if shooting games are your thing.
Video Games (Nov, 1999)
Die grafische Verjüngungskur gefällt - Retros greifen zu.
CyberGames (Oct 18, 1999)
The new Space Invaders features the same addictive and charming gameplay that grabbed the attention of millions in the late 70's and early 80's, but does nothing to interest a new generation of gamers who have no interest in a relatively simplistic classic such as this. The graphics, effects and audio all could have been worked on a bit harder and substantially improved over this final product. I'm just thankful Activision didn't try moving into a 3D universe or taking some other great liberty with the gameplay, completely crippling it and making this product totally worthless. If you're a fan, check this one out. If not, I highly doubt this new incarnation will turn you.
Consoles Plus (Oct, 1999)
La réalisation graphique a été rafraîchie, mais à part ça, rien de neuf, Space Invaders était peut-être révolutionnaire à l'époque, mais c'est fini ! Ceux qui tiennent vraiment à y jouer encore auront gardé leur vieille machine ou trouvé les émulateurs adaptés.
Kontentan av att lägga ned tid på Space Invaders blir att man i slutändan skjuter på en undermedveten nivå. Det är så sjukligt lätt att det nästan går att simultanspela ett Game Boy-spel samtidigt. Det enda positiva med Space Invaders är att originalspelet som Taito utvecklade finns med som en bonus. Men det är också allt. Och så kan man ju fråga sig om ett så gammalt spel är värt så mycket pengar, trots att det är en klassiker.
NowGamer (Nov 23, 1999)
Depending on which aliens bite the bullet, distinct weapon types free-fall to earth: Hoover-up Swarm Missiles, Boomerang, Fat laser, Acidic Cloud, Sine Wave Missile and Tank kamikaze to name just a few. The cleverest pick-up and one which introduces elements of strategy are Horizontal (left, right and diagonal) Missiles. ‘New’ Space Invaders won’t alter your life, and it certainly doesn’t compete with today’s software, but for the briefest of moments you don’t mind the repetitive banality of it all.
Mega Fun (Nov, 1999)
Wenn schon Retro-Trend, dann aber bitte mit wenigstens ein paar neuren Einfällen. Space Invaders ist das absolute Negativ-Beispiel, denn hier wurde sehr an Ideenreichtum gespart. Außer den dreidimensionalen Polygonraumschiffen hat dieses Spiel nur wenig Innovatives zu bieten. Befinden wir uns momentan vor einer neuen höheren und besseren Generation von Videospielen. wirft uns die Neuauflage der Spare Invaders wieder in die Steinzeit zurück. Alle Spieler, die sich auf eine neue Generation des interaktiven Videospieles freuen, werden bei Activisions „neuem“ Shooter derb enttäuscht sein.
GameSpot (Oct 14, 1999)
Space Invaders is a game different enough to cancel any feelings of nostalgia, yet it isn't good enough to stand on its own. If classic games are what you're after, get a pack of classic games, or better yet, find a big arcade that still cares about the old stuff. This pretender is no substitute for the original.
Consoles News (Oct, 1999)
Les graphismes en pseudo-3D ratée laisse un gout amer quand on repense, les neurones en fête, aux extraterrestres de notre jeunesse qui n'étaient extra que dans nos petites têtes blondes. Le pire, ce ne sont pas les quelques saccad' qu'on aurait courageusement oubliées, mais la lenteur de l'ensemble.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 10, 2000)
You'll be playing till the cows come home - and hating every minute of it! And remember those protective barriers of the arcade game? In this edition, they not only protect you, but blow up any invaders they touch! The original Space Invaders game is included in this package, but only if you complete the disappointing "updated" version.