Space Station Silicon Valley Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title menu featuring a dancing Evo on the right.
The heroes: Dan Danger and Evo.
Dan's trying to tell Evo how important the mission is... only to get into a fight with him over which radio station to listen to shortly after.
The dog on the left is the first out of many to die in this game. Sadly... his time was when he was confessing his true love to the sheep on the right. :(
Controlling a dog in the first mission.
Controlling what little is left of Evo: A micro chip.
Overview of the statistics for a dog.
Loading screen
Swimming around and collecting bonuses.
One of the mission objectives in the first mission is to take control of a sheep.
Herding sheep.
It's a mouse!
Mission briefing.
How to get the mouse on to that contraption?