Written by  :  DANIEL HAWKS ! (2002)
Written on  :  Oct 28, 2007
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Do whatever a spider can !

The Good

I played the Nintendo version of this game first and was impressed, but not flattered. BOY did that change when I picked this up ! NOT ONLY does this version have cinematics , better sounding voice acting , and the same actors from the TV show , but it has lots of voice work from STAN THE MAN LEE ! It does not get cooler when Stan is describing the characters in the view mode with is famous humor and wisecracks.

First as always, I'll get right on the graphics. They have one edge over the other versions, in that they are sharper, and have little fuzz. This game uses the Tony Hawk game engine and I have to say this must have been some feat , or miracle of programming to turn a skateboarding game into a third person action game. The buildings, the characters, and the cutscenes all are very well done. Special mention should go to the purple monsters which move almost real goo. Something I didn't the Playstation was capable of. Spider Man himself is obviously going to be the best looking character in the game, and he is. Except that he has no web lines on suit. Not even in the cinematics!

The sound is quite good with a lot of memorable tracks, and Spidey's always humorous one liners. All the voice actors from the cartoon ( which I used to watch ) are all here. They are actually more convincing in the game than they are in the show! Stan Lee provides lots of commentary for the game. Example, when a new set of levels starts, like the basement levels he tells of the looming danger ! And, as mentioned earlier, describes the characters in the view mode. A last note note on the sound, I feel you should know my favorite line in the whole game is the following, " Leave him alone chuckles!" " Butt out web head." "Spider Man ? I ask for the police, and I get this! "

The controls are limited in their positives so I'll discuss them in the bad section.

The last positive note is there are TONS of unlock-ables. And even though some are useless, They are still too irresistible to pass up ! Unlockable comic covers made explicitly for the game, AND almost all the greatest Spider Man covers of the past are there for gawking ! Different costumes that give you special powers are also a nice touch. Your skills a little rusty ? Well check out the practice modes for training or for records. Still not satisfied? Play all your favorite levels again with the level select. Plus there is a cheat that allows you to play the game again with minor changes. Example is in one of the early levels, when you must rescue people, there is a empty room that if you step on the floor, he'll disco dance ! A little stupid, but funny ! And want to see all your favorite hero's and villains ? Take a look at the character viewer.

The Bad

THE CONTROLS ARE TOTAL CRAP ! Seriously ! They fight you so much that you'll often find that you'll fall off things only to receive instant death from the endless bottom ! And the camera isn't much help either. It always follows Spider Man true, but you'll be getting a good look at his side a lot whenever you have to turn around. It is far too slow and you have little con-troll over it ! And the aiming system, unless you are sitting still, is worthless. And some loading screens are very drab.

The Bottom Line

If you'r a diehard Spider Man fan totally get this game ! If you never read Spider Man, SHAME ON YOU ! Then go get this game ! For every other gamer, get it ! You'll love it ! And to dismiss myself properly, I leave you with a, EXCELSIOR !