Written by  :  ETJB (450)
Written on  :  Feb 19, 2010
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Good, but not great

The Good

Spider-Man (2000) was an amazing game on all levels; graphics, animation, storyline, game play, replay value, difficulty level, extra secrets, etc. It was the Spider-Man video game that fans had waited decades for and everyone expected a sequel. Spider-Man 2 (2001) follows the same basic format of the previous game with with slightly improved graphics, extra super hero moves, new levels and extra comic book inspired secrets. It is also based on an actual, albeit not especially well known, Spider-Man storyline.

The Bad

Spider-Man 2 feels shorter and less developed then the first game, with lesser known super villains, fewer cameos from super heroes and a rather repetitive and mundane "What If?" scenario. The real life terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001 compelled Activision to do a last minute revision of the game, which causes some confusing plot points.

The Bottom Line

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2001) is not a bad game, by any means, and will, generally, please comic book fans who are all too often offered inferior games. However, it is no where near as creative or impressive as the first game. The minor improvements and new storyline feel less like a proper sequel and more like an appendix to the first game.