Written by  :  Xa4 (311)
Written on  :  Oct 28, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation

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good 3D platform game, better than crash bandicoot

The Good

First, the graphics were quite good. Technically, there are better games out there, but spyro the dragon's graphics are done with a lot of style. The controls work great, with a dual shock controller and more than decently without one. The game play is typical 3D platform game, with nice little touches the frustration factor is kept to a minimum. Unlike crash bandicoot, you have a good freedom of movement, the environment is non-linear.

The Bad

It is quite short and easy. Don't expect to play this game for months The gameplay is far from original (but still very pleasant). The story is very thin

The Bottom Line

Because it's now available on budget release, I recommend this game for every 3D platform enthusiast. Good graphics and smooth gameplay make it for the quite short life span of Spyro. Definitely better than Crash bandicoot !