Star Ocean: The Second Story Screenshots (PlayStation)

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You get to pick which character you play as.
Standard Dialog
Walking on the Bridge
A Surprise in the Forest
He's Toast
The title screen
After the character has been selected and named there are a couple of game configuration screens.
This one sets the difficulty level
This is a scene from the introduction, before the character gets sucked through the portal. It is used to familiarise the player with some of the basics of the game
This is from the cut scene where the portal opens. Shortly after this there's a flash of light and after that there's a big hole in the ground
In the village. Rena's embarrassed by her mum.
The game uses this sweat icon to show emotion, ...'s to show someone's thinking, a '!' to express surprise and a '?' when a question is coming
After a lot of walking about and talking the plot begins to unfold. The mayor explains that everyone thinks that the player is a warrior foretold by legend
As the story unfolds the mayor explains that there has been trouble in the world since a strange meteorite known as The sorcery Globe landed
The mayor asks us not to use our death ray gun and gives us a sword instead. It's automatically equipped and ready for action
This is the screen that's used in the village store to buy and sell stuff
Battles start with a swirly screen and a change in music, this gives way to a split screen which in turn is replaced by a shot of the enemy
It's early in the game and we're just equipped with the sword so there's no long range weapon we can use right now
Victory in battle earns skill points and occasionally other goodies
This is the inventory screen.
Within the sub levels are options to combine items
This screen shows the player's status. It's early in the game at this point so not a lot has been achieved
When exploring the player comes upon other towns and villages. The look small but expand to many screens when entered
Silly boy!
Now write out one hundred lines "I must remember to save my game frequently"
Seriously this is Game Over with a capital 'G' if progress hasn't been saved