Star Trek: Invasion Credits (PlayStation)

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Star Trek: Invasion Credits


Executive ProducerRob Letts
Associate ProducerEric Koch
Production TesterPeter Muravez
Vice President European StudiosJulian Lynn-Evans
Executive Vice President World Wide StudiosMichael Pole
Global Brand ManagerJenny Stornetta
Associate Brand ManagerMichael Webster
Vice President - Global Brand ManagementEhtisham Rabbani
Executive Vice President - Global Brand ManagementKathy Vrabeck
VP Corporate CommunicationsMaryanne Lataif
Senior Manager, Corporate CommunicationsJulia Roether
Product Manager, UKChris Lewis, Matti Kuorehjarvi
PR Manager, ROESarah Ricchiuti
PR Manager, UKSara Pelton
Marketing Director, GermanyAndreas Stock
Brand Manager, GermanyAchim Kaspers
PR Director, GermanyMarkus Wilding
Marketing Director, FranceBernard Sizey
Brand Manager, FranceGuillaume Lairan
PR Manager, FranceDiane de Domecy
Marketing Director, Asia PacificPaul Butcher
Product Manager, Asis PacificLeigh Glover White
Localization Manager, U.K./ROENathalie Ranson
Localization Supervisor, UKPeter Nielsen
Localization Director, GermanyNatascha Conrad
Voice‑Over Directed byJonathan Knight
Voice‑Over Produced byLaird M. Malamed
QA ManagerJoseph Favazza
Senior Project LeadJoseph Favazza
Project LeadKragen Lum
Floor LeadBruce Campbell
TestersJairo Silva, John Cung, Travis Tremblay, Leonel Zuniga, Benjamin DeGuzman, Damien Fischer, Kevin Sodini
Special ThanksMitch Lasky, Jim Summers, Jason Wong, Indra Yee, Tanya Langston, Nicholas Favazza, Nathan Lum, Laird M. Malamed


Lead ProgrammingMike Anthony
ProgrammingDavid Anthony, Tim Coupe, Steve Davies, John Gibson, Martin Turton
Art DirectorHan Randhawa
Graphics / ArtworkSteven Millership, Nolan Rowles, Andrew Whalley
Lead DesignHaydn Dalton
DesignChris Graham, Andrew Santos
CutscenesRoy Fielding, Paul David Jones, John Lomax, Matthew Wood


Captain Jean‑Luc PicardPatrick Stewart
Ambassador WorfMichael Dorn
Computer VoiceJudi Durand
Hur Q Commander/BorgTerrence Beasor
Kam Jahtae CommanderGregory Ellis
Typhon EngineerJenette Goldstein
Klingon CaptainDavid Graf
Kam Jahtae Pilot/BorgDavid McCharen
Captain BrennanTony Pasqualini
Commander Cates/BorgRichard Penn
Ensign Cooper/BorgDavid J. Randolph
Captain BlackwoodWendy Schenker
Cardassian Commander/BorgJoel Swetow
WingmenAnthony Hatch Korotko, Matt Morton, Erica Deonne, Anna Mac
Casting DirectorRon Surma
Casting AssistantChadwick Struck
Loop Group CastingBarbara Harris, Mary Ellen Forman
Voice Over Recorded atPOP Sound

Viacom Consumer Products / Paramount Pictures

Director, Product Development - Interactive and TechnologyHarry Lang
Supervisor, Product Development - Interactive and TechnologyDaniel Felts
Spcial ThanksPam Newton, Terri Helton, Andrea Hein, Juliet Dutton, Rick Berman, Peter Lauritson, David Rossi
Very Special ThanksGene Roddenberry


Graphics / ArtworkNathan Roberts, Marcus Tanner
ScriptJames Swallow

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trixter (9129), Corn Popper (69779) and Matt Wood (18)