Star Trek: Invasion (PlayStation)

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Mega Fun
Endlich! Wie lange habe ich auf das erste Star-Trek-Spiel auf der PlayStation gewartet. Dass sich gleich noch ein derartiger Kracher hinter Star Trek: Invasion verbirgt, hätte ich eigentlich nicht zu träumen gewagt. Obwohl man eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit zu Psygnosis Colony-Wars-Serie nicht verleugnen kann, beamt dieses Game den Spieler doch direkt in den Alpha-Quadranten. Durch die authentischen Schiffe und die Original-Synchronstimmen der Serie sollten sich nicht nur Fans von diesem Klasse-Titel angesprochen fühlen. Eine dichte Storyline führt den Spieler rasch durch das Game und schreckt sogar nicht vor einer Konfrontation mit den Borg zurück. Vor allem Liebhaber von Weltraum-Shootern mit Niveau und alle, die es werden wollen, sollten sich diesen Titel zulegen.
PSX Extreme
In the end Star Trek invasion proved to be a great first Playstation Star Trek game, it doesn't let you down in any way. The visuals are a feat to behold, the gameplay is a bag of fun, the control is tight and the incredible sound quality will never be forgotten. Star Trek fans this is a must have game for you, sci-fi craft shooter fans this is a must as well, and gamers looking for a good challenge and time should definitely consider at least renting Invasion. The Activision string of success continues...
Absolute Playstation
Star Trek Invasion a long overdue Star Trek game for the Playstation gaming console.and it was worth the wait. Taking place in the Next Generation timeline, Invasion will take gamers on an adventure ride of over 30 missions where you will get to fly and command a number of Star Trek space vehicles. The missions come in a variety of objectives and should keep gamers on their toes and coming back for more. Make no mistake though, some of these missions are tough.hell the training mission alone is a task to get through. The graphics are top notch featuring some of the best seen design yet on the PSX and the sound effects are classic Star Trek all the way.
If you've already played all the Colony Wars/Wing Commander titles on the PlayStation, then this game might seem a bit old-hat to you. There are a few differences, but the overall experience will feel quite familiar. Newcomers will find Invasion a great entry point, though. The training missions are great and the excitement of getting into a space dogfight, with wingmen at your side, can't be beat. Overall, we can't think of a better way that Star Trek fans should enter the final frontier.
Super Play
Att huvudprogrammeraren från Psygnosis Colony Wars-team har varit med och skapat spelet har säkert varit nog så viktig, men det råder ingen tvekan om att även resten av Warthog-utvecklarna kan sina saker. Star Trek: Invasion är ett måste för Star Trek-fans såväl som Colony Wars-fans och absolut värt en titt för PlayStation-spelare överhuvudtaget.
Pour conclure, Star Trek Invasion est loin de renouveler le genre. Il se contente, tout comme les autres Star Trek, d'inclure l'univers mythique dans un système de jeu déjà rodé. Les amateurs y trouveront en tout cas certainement leur bonheur.
70 (UK)
These complaints aside Invasion is a competent and engrossing title so far as it is playable with lovely touches such as Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn's voiceovers. A marked departure from normal Star Trek licences that might have made more sense under the more conflict oriented banner of something like Babylon 5, I for one hope that Warthog use this as a springboard to something greater on the Playstation 2. They certainly know how to make a game look nice and with a little refinement of a needlessly complex control system could provide us with the greatest sci fi shoot'em up ever to grace a console.
Für alle jene, die ein Ballerspiel ohne viel Anspruch suchen, bleibt Star Trek - die Invasion wärmstens zu empfehlen. Allen anderen aber, die z.B. auf eine tolle Story und coole Grafik Wert legen, sei davon abzuraten. Selbst für einen Trek-Fan wie mich, war das Spiel eher eine Enttäuschung.
How disappointing is it that I can use the term ‘Borg-busting’ and be justified? Very. Invasion gets high marks for being a relatively interesting clone of Colony Wars, recreating the gameplay that made flight sims fun on the PSX. However, it gets very, very low marks for ‘tossing down with the rest of the boys’ and taking part in the cliché and amorality that most Star Trek games aspire to.
Game Revolution
ST: Invasion, while sporting some of the best game mechanics I've seen recently, just simply doesn't have enough variation to keep it going. The afterthought two-player mode doesn't help much either. So unless you are an Ultra-Trekkie (Wow, how 'bout that for a super hero), this game is probably not worth it. Beam me up, Scotty (Oh, and the mustard is coming ASAP).
So, then, what do you have? There is no doubt that Star Trek: Invasion's storyline, visuals, and sound are of the utmost caliber. However, despite the game's fluid control system and innovative lock-on features, its pacing and repetition simply mar the gameplay experience. If you skip the side levels, you'll probably enjoy the game much more. Unfortunately, though, the game is over twice as fast if you do that, and since there's no path branching, there's no reason to pick it up again. The two-player deathmatch and cooperative missions may offer an extra diversion for those with gaming friends, but even those features can't lift an average game to stardom.