Star Trek: Invasion Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Menus use the format from the show.
Here come the Borg...
The Enterprise delivers your carrier ship in the intro.
The old "fly through rings" training
Mission select screen
You're reminded of your objectives as the level loads.
Under attack from Romulan fighters
Got one!
Our wingman phasers another.
Optional third-person view
Plenty of pretty, deadly lights
The mothership shows up.
Got a torpedo lock
Command me, Worf!
Dogfight inside a planet's gravity well.
Here, enemies burn when close to destruction.
Chase them down, and take them out.
New fighter types become available as you progress.
Our wounded capital ship needs cover.
Wouldn't be a Trek game without the Borg.
Our fighters meet the Borg head on.
The Borg will adapt to your weapons. Switch often.
The Borg are attacking our cap ship.