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Star Wars: Dark Forces (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Credits


ProducerDaron Stinnett
Lead ArtistJustin R. Chin
3D EngineRay Gresko
StoryJustin R. Chin
ProgrammingDaron Stinnett, Ray Gresko, Winston Wolff, Christopher Phillips, Robert Champagne
PlayStation VersionBig Bang Software
Additional ArtDev Madan, Michael Harrington
Game DesignThe Dark Forces Team With Special Thanks to Justin Chin
Level DesignIngar Shu, Jim Current, Matt Tateishi, Brett Tosti
ToolsWinston Wolff
Texture PlacementAaron Muszalski, Christopher Ross
Texture ArtworkChris Hockabout, Patrick Sirk, Tom Payne
3D ArtworkRalph M. Gerth IV, David Vallone, Ron K. Lussier, William Stoneham, Scott Baker
2D Cutscene ArtworkJustin R. Chin, Jon Knoles, Paul Mica
Art TechnicianAaron Muszalski
Video EffectsMichael Levine, C. Andrew Nelson
AnimationsLeonard Robel, Gordon Baker
Additional Art DesignPaul Mica
IMUSE Interactive Music SystemMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Michael McMahon, Justin Graham
Music and OrchestrationClint Bajakian
Digital Sound EffectsClint Bajakian
Voice Directing and EditingKhris Brown
Kyle Katarn, Imperial V/ONick Jameson
Jan OrsJulie Eccles
Rom MohcJack Angel
Mon MothmaPeggy Roberts-Hope
Stormtrooper, Dying Rebel and NarratorDenny Delk
Darth VaderScott Lawrence
Install UtilityGary Keith Brubaker
Landru System Developed ByEdward Kilham
Executive ProducerSteve Dauterman
Project CoordinationDan Connors
Production ManagerBrett Tosti
Lead TesterBrett Tosti
TestersChristopher John Snyder, Chris J. Purvis, Leyton Chew, Reed Derleth, Darren Johnson, William Burns, Albert Chen, John Hannon, Dana Fong, Brian Kemp, Sean Matheis
Compatibility TestingDoyle Gilstrap Jr., Chip Hinnenberg
PlayStation Lead TesterChristopher John Snyder
PlayStation TestersAlbert Chen, Erik Ellestad, Matthew Azeveda, Randy Tudor, Geoff Jones, Timothy R. Miller, Diane Dybalski, Tim Longo, Adam Pasztory, Dee Dee Anderson, Lynn Selk, Greg Land, Dan Connors
Quality Assurance ManagerMark Cartwright
Quality Assurance SupervisorDan Connors
Public RelationsTom Sarris, Heather Twist
Package DesignSoo Hoo Design
Package Cover Art (front)Ron K. Lussier
Package Cover Art (back)Jon Knoles
CD ArtRon K. Lussier
Manual Written byJo Ashburn, Mark Cartwright, Brett Tosti, Barbara Gleason
Manual DesignSoo Hoo Design, Shepard Associates
Product SupportDan Gossett, Tabitha Tosti
Key Accounts ManagerMeredith Cahill
Manufacturing ManagerJason Horstman
International ManagerLisa Star
Internet Marketing SpecialistJason Deadrich
Additional ProgrammingMark Haigh-Hutchinson
Special ThanksWayne Cline, Donald Biers, John Miller, Stacy A. Mollerma, Julia Russo, Howard Roffman, Kalani Streicher, Lucasfilm Ltd
Original Music ScoreJohn T. Williams
Very Special Thanks ToGeorge Lucas

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Credits for this game were contributed by Apogee IV (2336)