Written by  :  Reborn_Demon (136)
Written on  :  Dec 17, 2006
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars

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Mediocre game... The two-player mode is good though!

The Good

Good? The special abilities of the force - moving objects with thought, deflect laser beams (that was fun) and lots of power-ups (by lightsaber is HUGE!) and probably the best two-player co-operative campaign mode in all the Star Wars games (on the PlayStation 1, of course). I remember when me and my mates played the two-player mode and died countless times, but had so much fun none-the-less. Happy days. Also, the gameplay was quite addictive, but soon loses its touch - but this is made up by the boss battles, which required some strategic thinking, which added a little puzzle element.

The Bad

Bad? The graphics were quite average for the PlayStation 1. The first player mode felt as if it lacked something, possibly a good story! Really, unless you watched the movies, you have no idea of what's going on. At the end of a level, text would display the new phase of story, which was really dull. Also, the levels were quite hard because you were told what to do, but without any useful hints of how to do it (this makes the last few levels really annoying).

The Bottom Line

This game was good, but only when playing the two-player mode with a friend. If you find this game cheap, buy it for a laugh, but you're probably better off with a newer game (like Star Wars Battlefront 2, perhaps? Two player and online play!), but still, don't buy this game hoping that it'll be a great side-story because you'll just find that you've wasted money.