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Steel Reign (PlayStation)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Steel Reign Credits


ProgrammingJim Hicke, Timothy T. Meekhof
Lead ArtistRichard Sjoberg
ArtistsTom Moon, Scott McDaniel, Tom Chung
ProducerRussell Shanks
Director Product DevelopmentJohn Smedley
Game DesignRussell Shanks, Jim Hicke
Level DesignRichard Sjoberg, Tom Moon, Jim Hicke, Russell Shanks
Additional Level DesignGabriel Liberty
Music CompositionJoel H. Copen
Sound DesignRex Baca
CinematicsScott McMahon
PlayersWendy Wilke, Scott McMahon, Richard Sjoberg, Tom Moon, Matthew Yaney, Russell Shanks, Dwayne Mason, Jason Parks, Brian Johnson, Rex Baca, Joel H. Copen, Tom Chung
Cinematic CGISpecial Designs Animation Sutdio
Voice OverScott McMahon
Motion CaptureDwayne Mason, Jason Parks, Brian Johnson, Dominic Perricone
Motion Capture ActorChris Tritt
MarketingSusan Nourai Panico, David Bamberger
PRP. Kevin Horn
MIS SupportRobert Clark, Rick Rossiter
AnalystsCharles Flock, Brian Canary, Adam Baxley, Rick Ono, Dan Paris, Cory Gillispie, Mark Pentek, Chad Lowe, Alfred Dutton, Andrew Woodworth, Brand Inman, Jeff Custis, Andrew Byrne, Leighton Chin, Jose Cruz, Ivan Kougaenko, Jack Amato
Game TestersSean Hicke, Joe Hicke, Kyle Hicke, Christopher Hicke, Bob Hicke, Ryan Hicke, Jon Hicke
LegalDavid Greenspan, Mimi Nguyen, Kerry Hopkins, Michelle Postrado
Illustration & Manual DesignGregory Harsh, Beeline Group Inc.
Special ThanksKelly Flock, Peter Dille, Shirley Tang, Nico Marcolongio, Lance Dowd, Rebecca , Patricia , Kim Hornecker, Howard Liebeskind, Nemer Velasquez, Ami Matsumura-Blaire, Maggie Baquero, Jill Hicke, Jen Meekhof
In Memory ofDaniel Hawkins

Chantemar Creations, Inc.

Director, Software DevelopmentJim Hicke
Game Software DevelopmentJim Hicke, Timothy T. Meekhof
Level Editing SoftwareJim Hicke

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jim Hicke (32)