Suikoden II (PlayStation)

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One castle with 108 rooms, please! Cor 13 (173893) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
A great sequel, superior in every way, but lacks the epicness of the original Bregalad (914) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.2
Overall User Score (63 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Le Geek
In short, Suikoden II is a great RPG if you prefer story and game play over realistic graphics. I recommend playing the original Suikoden first, since it is easier to find, but if you see Suikoden II for a good price by all means pick it up!
Is it better than Suikoden 1? This is an impossible call to make, so I'll leave that one to the comment section. One thing that's for certain is you must buy this game. There are few titles I give as high a recommendation to. I would place this one up there with Xenogears and Grandia as the three must buy RPGs for the system. It would be better if you played part 1 first, however, as you can transfer your characters from 1 over to 2, and the story and references makes more sense in part 2, but either way, you will love it.
Game Critics
There is at least one game-crashing glitch. Dialogue boxes are occasionally misnamed, and the text suffers from lazy proofreading (although the English translation itself is quite good). But these are inconsequential issues compared to what the game designers have accomplished. Suikoden II recreates some of the humor and visceral energy of the Chinese novel that loosely inspired it. But the characters and dramatic movement in this story of war are given enough time, thought, and care to come into a life all their own.
I'll recommend Suikoden II to any RPG fan. Not only the ones who have played through the first game, but novices as well. While the game may not move as briskly or look as pretty as something carefully crafted together by Square, I somehow found it even more charming and involving than any of the PlayStation Final Fantasy titles. You may not agree, but I guarantee that you won't find Suikoden II disappointing in the least.
In the end, Suikoden 2 is a sequel that makes no pretenses about what it is - more of the same. Konami took the gameplay and basic concepts of the original, made a few changes here and there, and came up with Suikoden 2. It's a game that is truly for fans of the original. If you enjoyed Suikoden but haven't yet bought Suikoden 2, then by all means go and pick up Suikoden 2 - it's familiar, yet still entertaining. If you didn't like the original Suikoden, then you won't enjoy the sequel. And if you never played the original, I highly recommend you pick that up first and play through it. You can play Suikoden 2 without knowledge of the original, but remembering events and recognizing faces from the original game adds something to the playing experience. Suikoden 2 is a fun game. It's certainly not the greatest or most original RPG on the market, and it's certainly got flaws.
Despite a critically flawed storyline department, Suikoden II offers enough positive familiar elements from the original to merit a recommendation, especially to fans of the original. Let's hope, though, that if there's a third Suikoden, Konami spends a little bit more time on certain facets of the game.
Pour conclure, avec ses graphismes impérissables et sa bande-son magnifique et émouvante, Suikoden 2 offre au joueur un paquet de moments inoubliables, allant du fou rire aux larmes de tristesse inconsolable en passant par la véritable excitation, avec un gameplay infaillible et accrocheur qui s’est débarrassé des défauts de son aîné. La dernière partie est plus discutable, malgré sa conclusion d’une force émotionnelle et symbolique beaucoup trop rare dans les RPG. Il s’agit du plus côté des Suikoden, même si je lui préfère le 1 et le 5. Assurément culte et indispensable, une expérience unique (comme la plupart des Suikoden). Un jeu qu’on n’oublie pas.
If you enjoyed the first Suikoden, you'll enjoy this one. You'll certainly have as much fun and it is just as addictive as the original in trying to hunt down all the characters. Seeing what has happened to characters from the original is also a selling point, as well as the addictive and comfortable battle system. While in no way is Suikoden 2 a stellar game or a major technological achievement, it is very fun to play and most RPG fanatics will enjoy the ride.
Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (OPM)
My only complaint is that the game does seem dated in many ways. The graphics, though generally well-illustrated, sometimes look a bit too old-school. And the lack of diagonal movement is just a silly shame. So though a bit more time spent fleshing out this game would have earned a higher score, as it is it's still quite excellent, and well worth your time.
Fans of the first Suikoden game will love the sequel - it improves on everything that had made the first game memorable. Suikoden II brings nothing new to the genre, but it executes well enough that no one will really care.
Power Unlimited
Al heeft Konami niet echt veel werk gemaakt van Suikoden 2 en ziet, klinkt en speelt het spel nog precies als het eerste deel, de echte RPG-fan zal de nieuwe verhaallijn vast met veel plezier uitspelen.
Suikoden 2 se veut donc un très bon RPG à la japonaise alliant tous les ingrédients qui font le succès de cette catégorie, sans avoir pour autant la pêche d'un Final Fantasy VII.
Mega Fun
Suikoden II ist ebenso gelungen wie der erste Teil. Leider gibt der Titel technisch nicht allzu viel her. Ihr müsst schon mit einem großzügigen Auge darüber hinweg sehen, bevor ihr den Charme des RPGs erkennen könnt. Die eigentlich todernste Geschichte wird immer wieder durch Szenen aufgelockert, die ein breites Grinsen hervorrufen, den originellen Charakteren sei Dank. Entsprechend gut ist die Übersetzung geworden. Letztendlich wird jeder, der schon den ersten Teil gezockt hat, auch an Suikoden II seine helle Freude haben.
Power The PlayStation Mag / Playstation Power
This will only suit the RPG insane, but there's more than enough originality tucked away here to please.
Svenska PlayStation Magasinet
En nästan pervers blandning av barnslig grafik och hårresande historia. Suikoden II följer RPG-receptet noggrant, och det är knappast revolutionerande.
Super Play
Jämfört med Final Fantasy VIII och Saga Frontier 2 är Suikoden II helt klart ett bra alternativ. De som missade det första äventyret kommer säkert inte att bli besvikna. Och vi som älskade Suikoden är ju bara så glada över att det äntligen har kommit en uppföljare att vi inte bryr oss om att den är rätt så lik originalet. Och eftersom det finns tre olika slut har de som fastnar för Suikoden II både ett långt och spännande äventyr att se fram emot.