Suikoden II Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
The animated intro shows Jowy, one of the game's main characters...
...and introduces many others
Status screen
The hero and Jowy perform their "Buddy Attack", a devastating assault on the entire enemy party
World map
Regular battle, the kobold Gengen attacks
A village. Bolgan and his two charming sisters are ready to perform a circus show
A bar in a kobold town! Kobold bartender, kobold customers are drinking...
Some high-level spells are shown as full-screen animated sequences! It's not Final Fantasy-style eye candy, but pretty impressive nevertheless!
Fancy mansion entrance in one of the medium-sized towns
A typical quiet village
Mercenary Fortress
Spiders ambush a mid-game, fairly regular party in a forest
Once you get your own castle you can install a suggestion box...
...take a bath...
...and participate in a cooking contest - among other activities!
A typical scene - gathering in your Strategy Room before a major battle. Teresa here shares her thoughts
Fighting some minotaurs in a cave. Attack in progress!
Check all your stars in a specific location
Good weather, beautiful square, a woman sitting alone at a table, sipping a drink... what will you do, hero?..
You visit a sick friend in a rather generic room
Misty mountain path
An awesome-looking high-level spell of a special, rare rune - a fearsome undead ship attacks!
Collect various parts to build a statue in your castle
Beautiful view from the top of a passage leading into the city of Muse
Boss battle in a castle. Note the very diverse characters in my party - including a dog!
One of the several checkpoints connecting different countries
Various animals live here!
Just a regular conversation with an unimportant NPC in a medium-sized town
Exploring a cave dungeon. Like in all other Suikoden games, dungeon design is a definite weakpoint here
Tactical battle! Moving your troops
Paved streets in a larger town
A high-level thunder spell cast on what appears to be oversized, mutated angry birds
Fights are shown this way during tactical battles
Another mountain path. There isn't much variety in this game's dungeon design, unfortunately...
A nice town with a somewhat Middle Eastern (or perhaps Mediterranean) feel
One of the game's most colorful locations - a castle you'll need to infiltrate. Nice art!
You can change your party at the headquarters. Many different faces and races - and not only human, as you can see!
You can trade in most towns you visit
A high-level wind spell is cast on those unsuspecting, poor creatures!
In this game you don't only get your own castle - you get your own town!.. It looks like Shanghai, though...
Fighting a fearsome-looking enemy with a rather weird party! Check out all those creatures I have recruited...
A rune shop to remember - run by a recurrent character you'll want to meet in every Suikoden game!..
Look at my versatile party, and compare it to the funny, yet palette-swapping Doremi Elves I'm fighting here!