Supercross 2000 Credits

MBL Research

Design and DevelopmentMBL Research
Physics, ControlJim Berry
Core, Game Logic, Front End, OverlaysRex E. Bradford
Front End, OverlaysMarty Cosgrove, Scott Blanchard, Greg Summers, Greg Summers
Play-by-Play, Freestyle, Controller PakRobert Costello
Rider IK, Audio, MathJohn Eskew
AI (Programming)Jan Lenferink
Rendering, Control, Animation, Rider IKEric Malafeew
Track Models, Track TexturesLori Champney
Track Models, StadiumsPeter Lawson
Track ModelsBhavin Patel
Track TexturesErik Pearson
Front EndGayle Robertson
Bike and Rider Models, Track Models, AnimationsDouglas Wike
TestingPhilip Williams, Michael Toothaker
Team ManagementMark Lesser, Ross Comstock

Electronic Arts

Executive in Charge of ProductionRob Martyn
Supervising ProducerDavid E. Davis
ProducerTodd Arnold
Associate ProducerRich Rogers
Director of TechnologyColin Boswell
Art DirectorMargaret Foley
Stadium Art LeadB. J. West
ArtistsChris Chambers, Bill Eral, Johannes Huber
Audio Director & ComposerJerry Martin
Sound Designers & ComposersKirk Casey, Kent Jolly, Robert Kauker
Assistant ProducersChris Baena, Shannon Copur, Andy Derber, Jill Eckhart
Play by Play AnnouncerArt Eckman
MusiciansJerry Martin, Kent Jolly, Kirk Casey, Glenn Letsch, John Mader
Creative ConsultantAlan Weiss
Product Marketing ManagerCharlie Cooper
Product ManagerDavid C. Lee
Assistant Product ManagerAaron Burns
Public RelationsScott Gamel
Test ManagersDavid Costa, Rosalie Vivanco
Lead TesterLuke Harrington
Assistant Lead TesterKenee Crawford
TestersRyan Barrett, Andrew Blomquest, Syruss Tuttin Flyte, Mike Fudge, Carl Gonzales, Randy Hembrador, Andrew Mirelez, Paul Mollinedo, Scott Parker, Eric Pavlak, Jerry Shen, Jason Stevenson, Dan Tovar, Kinh Williams
Customer Quality ControlJacob Fernandez, Benjamin Crick, Dave Knudson, Shane Ferguson, Darryl Jenkins, Andrew Young, Micah Pritchard
DocumentationGabriel Leon
Documentation LayoutCreative Services
Package Cover PhotographyJoe Bonnello
Project ManagementCole Bronn, Jennie Maruyama
Package Art DirectionMichael Lippert
Package DesignMichael Lippert, John Egan
Studio OperationsPaulette Doudell
Business AffairsRobert Gonzales, James Kennedy
LegalPamela Ansman-Wolfe
Localization ManagerKnut Grossman
Special ThanksLuc Barthelet, Joe Keene, Thomas Boyd, Russell Stratton, Moto Radio, Christine McGavran, The Sim Mars Team, Christi Graber, Brooke Harris, Sue Garfield, Anna Yu, Mike Kidd, Marc Danzinger, American Motorcyclist Association, Mark Mederski, PACE Motorsports, Denise Haller, Charlie Mancuso
ThanksQualcomm Stadium, Bank One Ballpark, Seattle Kingdome, Raymond James Stadium, Georgia Dome, Texas Stadium, Houston Astrodome, Metrodome, Trans World Dome, Silverdome, Louisiana Superdome, RCA Dome, Sam Boyd Stadium

Electronic Arts Europe

Label ManagementJay Hepburn
Product ManagemetPeter Murphy
Studio OperationsSteve Fitton
Documentation ManagementJames Lenoël, Oliver Ladenburg
Localization ManagementCarol Aggett
Documentation Translations ManagementClare Parkes, Rebecca Gordon

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Clare Parkes, 37 other games
Colin Boswell, 34 other games
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Peter Murphy, 32 other games
Luc Barthelet, 30 other games
Jacob Fernandez, 28 other games
Jennie Maruyama, 28 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by eric malafeew (71)