Supercross Credits (PlayStation)

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Supercross Credits

Page 44 Studios, LLC

Lead Software EngineerMichael Romero
Software EngineersMarco Carra, Mary C. Ricci, Roger Tinkoff
Technical DirectorDenis L. Fung
Art DirectorNeo A. McMullen
Lead ArtistTiffanie Ragasa
Digital PaintersTom Adams, Brian Ransom
AnimatorNathan Walrath
3D ModelersMia Fox, Christopher Klamm, Stephen Marshall
Additional Software EngineersBrad Harrison, Willy Lee
Executive ProducerScott Rohde
General ManagerSteven Apour

Electronic Arts

Executive ProducerDavid E. Davis
ProducerTodd Arnold
Associate ProducerRich Rogers
Assistant ProducerJill Eckhart
Director of TechnologyColin Boswell
Sound Effects RecordistMarc Farly, Ken Felton
EditorMarc Farly
Dialogue Recording EngineerMarc Farly
Dialogue EditorDavid Whittaker
Play by Play AnnouncersArt Eckman, David Bailey
Additional GraphicsMargaret Foley-Mauvais, Nicholas Corea
Music LicensingBeverly Koeckeritz
A&R DirectorRandy Eckhardt
Video Operations ManagerJerry Newton
Video EditingGreg Mishey
Digital VideoEric Kornblum ("Scruffy")
Test ManagerJamil Dawsari
Lead TesterEric Crippen
Assistant Lead TesterDavid Constantino
TestersMatt Brown, William Douglas, Edmund Huey, Tyler Jacobson, Elizabeth Nelson, Shinichiro Ohyama, Charles Paw
Customer Quality ControlAnthony Alexander, Anthony Barbagallo, Darryl Jenkins, David Kellum, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard, Ben Smith, Andrew Young
Business AffairsRobert Gonzales
LegalKimberly Kostas, Pamela Ostroff
Studio OperationsPaulette Doudell, Steve Sammonds, Rosalie Vivanco
Studio Contracts CoordinatorMilly Ng
LocalizationAtsuko Matsumoto
Supercross Product ManagerAaron Burns
Racing Marketing ManagerDavid C. Lee
Director of MarketingCarolyn Feinstein
Public RelationsScott Gamel
DocumentationJessica Poorée
Documentation LayoutCorinne Mah
Package Project ManagementCole Brown
Package DesignPopgun Design
Motocross Business ConsultantRussell Stratton
Supercross & Motocross Design ConsultantJeff Emig
Freestyle Motocross Design ConsultantsBrian Deegan, Mike Metzger
Special ThanksNancy Philippine, Laurent Benes, Todd Growney, Erik S. Holden, and the rest of NASCAR Rumble team, Terry Darlington, Denise Haller, and everyone at SFX Motor Sports™, Carrie Coombs, and the National Promoters Group, Scott Hollingsworth, Connie Fleming, and everyone at the American Motorcyclist Association, John Batter, Shannon Copur, Chris Crowell ("Wombat"), Nancy Smith, Chip Lange, Thomas Boyd, Jeff Smith, Andy Moore, Gary Bailey, Lurch, Steve Bruhn, Brian Butler, Jeff Aprahamian, Gabriel Leon, Rob Gladden, Bevo Forti, Alan Rutherford, Hilton Beaty, Walker Garrison, Bill McLean, Pacific Yamaha/BMW of Richmond; B.C., Mary; Angela and Paul at Morrison Travel
Thanks to our VenuesQualcomm Stadium, Bank One Ballpark, Houston Astrodome, RCA Dome, Pontiac Silverdome, Georgia Dome, Daytona International Speedway, Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Texas Stadium, Louisiana Superdome, Sam Boyd Stadium, Washougal Motocross Park, Unadilla Valley Sports Center
Thanks to our RidersClifford Adoptante, Greg Albertyn, Buddy Antunez, Stefy Bau, Jimmy Button, Mike Cinqmars, Brian Deegan, John Dowd, Jeff Emig, Tim Ferry, Carey Hart, Doug Henry, Damon Huffman, Mike Jones, Mike LaRocco, Phil Lawrence, Ezra Lusk, Mike Metzger, Jessica Patterson, Robbie Reynard, Jean Sebastien Roy, Denny Stephenson, Sebastien Tortelli, Heath Voss, Larry Ward, Kevin Windham
Motocross LegendsDavid Bailey, Roger DeCoster, Johnny O'Mara
Certain PhotographsSteve Bruhn (© 2000)
Mike Cinqmars PhotoNick Ciotti (© 2000)
Package PhotoRyan Pursley (© 2000)
Certain Video Footage© 2000 Modern Industry Pictures, © 2000 PACE Motor Sports Inc. n/k/a SFX Motor Sports Group; a company of SFX Entertainment Inc; a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications Inc.
Be a part of the action with Fantasy Motocross at


"Crucial"Performed by Kottonmouth Kings from the album , Written by Xavier; McNutt; Miller; Rogers, © 2000 Daddy X Music [BMI]; Green 2 Da Bing Music [BMI]; Sattamassagana Music [ASCAP]; Pack-N-Snap Music [ASCAP], [P] 2000 Recording courtesy of Capitol Records
"Against the Elements"Performed by Confrontation Camp from the album , Prof. Griff, Kyle Jason (written by), Mistachuck (written by), J. Muhamad (written by), W. Little (written by), K. Shah (written by), © 2000 Creamwerks, [P] 2000 Recording courtesy of Creamwerks and Artemis Records
"Brackish"Performed by Kittie from the album , Written by Kittie, © 1999 Kittie Inc, [P] 1999 Recording courtesy of Artemis Records
"Shut Up"Performed by Sucker from the album , Scott Stoughton (lyrics by), Music by Sucker, © 2000 Sucker; All Rights Reserved, Recording courtesy of Sucker
"Are You Ready"Performed by Sucker, Scott Stoughton (lyrics by), Music by Sucker, © 2000 Sucker; All Rights Reserved, Recording courtesy of Sucker
Menu MusicDJ JustOne, Justin Miller (© 2000)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65856)