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Test Drive 5 (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Test Drive 5 Credits

Pitbull Syndicate, Ltd.

Lead ProgrammerChris Kirby
Additional ProgrammingMichael Troughton, James Parr, Robert Troughton, Gareth Briggs, Headley Lemarr, Stephen Palmer
AI Data Created ByDarren Kelly
Project ManagerRichard Beston
3D ArtworkRichard Beston, Stephen Dietz, Jonathan F. Kay, Gareth Pugh, Michael Pirso, Richard McDonald
Interface and 2D ArtworkKevin Preston, David Taylor, Les Burney, Tony Pringle, John Steele
PhotographyRichard Beston, Stephen Dietz, David Taylor, Slade Anderson
Quality AssuranceTony Charlton
Studio ManagerDavid Burton
Special ThanksAuxy, Dolly, Peter Haynes, Raymond of Fear Factory, Ben Samuelson, Jason Lord, Martin Griffiths, Colin Robinson, and Tony at Hexham Horseless Carriages

Accolade, Inc.

Executive ProducerChris Downend
ProducerSlade Anderson
Assistant ProducerMatthew Guzenda
USA Mastering SupervisorLuis Rivas
International LiaisonJay Cohen
ConsultantJeff Tawney
Lead TesterMarie Person
TestersJason Levan, Donald T. Clay, Stefano Canu, James Strawn, Arif Sinan, Christopher D. Reimer, Jason Cordero
Sound EffectsTommy Tallarico Studios
Celebrity TesterRaymond Herrara (Fear Factory)
Intro Cinematic ProducerSteve Allison
Senior Product Marketing ManagerSteve Allison
Licensing ManagerGabrielle Benham
Licensing and Media SpecialistChristine Lugton
Musical Soundtrack Compiled BySteve Allison
DocumentationWilliam Robinson
Website DevelopmentRay Massa, Daniel Grove
Marketing ServicesMatt Abrams, Mark Glover, Jill Dos Santos
Special Thanks toJim Barnett, Stan Roach, Neil Johnston, Erica Krishnamurthy, Jack Symon, John Koronaios, Stacy Lawrence, Jean Raymond, Wayne Leonard, John Lymberg, Nate Robinson, Greg Sarrail, Laddie Ervin, Richard Kottle, Kathy Faith, Julie Dalton, JoAnne McKenzie, Steve Saleen, Graham Nearn, Ava Rothenberg, Joan Bolvin, Raymond Herrara, Juli Knight, Don Terbush, Jim Pawlika, John O'Neill, Lisa Shamus, Ben Samuelson, John Maries, Steve Temple, Kris Anderson, Summer Anderson, Jessilyn Guzenda, Lisa and Simon, Louise at Country Wide Letting, Jon Brobst, Viper Club of America Pacific Northwest Region, W. Scott Snyder, Rump Roast, Brent Wilkinson

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Credits for this game were contributed by BurningStickMan (17738)