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Test Drive: Off-Road 2 (PlayStation)

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PSX Nation
Without a two player mode or much depth Test Drive Offroad 2 makes for a good short ride but not one that will last.
Despite all the technical flaws in this game, I really got hooked. I just could not stop until I unlocked all the vehicles and tracks. I was very impressed with all the variety the game offered in terms of tracks and vehicles, but the collision detection problem was pretty bad. This game reminds me of a new music CD by one of your favorite bands. It sounds different from their old music and you are not sure if you like it at first, but the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you. If you give Test Drive Off-Road 2 the chance to grow on you, look forward to some challenging racing action.
Basically, the game is pretty good, but the most surprising exclusion in the game is the lack of a two-player mode. You'd think that this sort of thing would be automatic at this point, but it's not in there.
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This edition of TDOR is improved thanks in part to a much quicker, recycled Test Drive 4 game engine. It's a good thing too - to race these super long tracks at a slower pace could possibly induce a coma. They're OK, but shorter with more variation would've been better. TDOR 2 attempts to be a real sim and won't provide the kind of excitement Rally Cross 2 will. It's solid, if not a little boring, but worth a look.
All Game Guide
Unfortunately, the replay value is not high due to the limited features. You either Single Race on any of the unlocked tracks or enter the World Tour, consisting of five separate events that only differ in the types of vehicles allowed to compete. You can't race a second player, change the weather, alter the performance of your vehicle, or even choose different paint schemes. Adding insult to injury is that the "twelve" courses are really only six, unless you believe reverse tracks (earned by winning the Classes) should counted separately. All in all, Test Drive Off-Road 2 "is worth a test drive if only to occupy some time before something better hits the road, nothing more.
Oh ! Mon Dieu ! Quelle catastrophe ! Test Drive 4x4 est une calamité, une horreur, un siphon infini de non-intérêt.