Written by  :  Twilightseer (264)
Written on  :  Feb 22, 2006
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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An rpg game with dating elements

The Good

This is one of the first games that I played with a dating element, noticeably I sucked at it and didn't do well with the girls. But it doesn't stop me from playing the game from beginning to end. The storyline is well presented and is easy to follow without too many intricate plots.

The graphics were anime-ish, with all the reactions and emotions playing out their part. More of a anime soap opera instead of the usual point click battle.

I like the trade skill system, Meis Triumph is a blacksmith and depending on how many skill points you have determines the quality of your items. Plays a lot like the recent Star Ocean 3 game on PS2.

The Bad

Some of the answers were getting old, when you're impressing your date. Plus if you're not good at memorization, then that's another minus. You'll be memorizing lines or girl's favorite things. It also takes a certain chance of luck to win the girl over....and it doesn't take long to upset her either...

The music score is alright, a bit dorky on some points in the story. There are few errors that'll get you confused real fast, but it clears up in the end!

The Bottom Line

Once again another RPG marvel to treasure, though it's very to hard to find and usually it's very expensive. A rare gem that fits unique innovations to make an enjoyable playing experience. And perhaps you'll get better at impressing girls by saying the right things.