Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy Credits


DesignAlan Blaine
Project ManagerRandy Condon
Game and Physics ProgrammingDavid Grace, Vince D'Amelio, Niall Hayes
Engine ProgrammingPaul Murray
Tools and Skeletal Dynamics ProgrammingNick Torkos, Paul Murray
Audio ProgrammingDavid Grace
Additional ProgrammingDedan Anderson, Roopa Das, Randy Condon
Level DesignersDave Watt, Todd Robinson, Alan Blaine
Character ArtistCalos Mann
Animation ArtistJeremy Krinitt
Lead Texture & Front End ArtistJason Sereno
ArtistsCarlos Fuentes, Cecil Carthen Jr., Alexi Taylor, Carlos J. Guzman
Art DirectorLara Norman-Stowers
Additional ArtistsDavid Renneker, John Barrows, Jeremy Krinitt
Motion Capture TalentCairo Foster, Paul Zuanich, Diego Buchieri, Colt Cannon
Skating ConsultantsRock Ibaseta, Joey Tershay
AudioMichael Henry
Audio RecordingEd Herman
Additional AudioDavid Grace, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Voice TalentBill O'Neil, Jaron Monroe, Greg Haa, Liz Krinitt
TestingDonn North, Eric Stephens
System AdministrationGreg Haa
ManagementDavid Luntz, Reagan Luntz, Robert Pfeifer

Thrasher Magazine

Primary ConsultantNico Berry
Technical ConsultantsLuke Ogden, Jake Phelps, Tony Vitello
Photos courtesy ofMichael Burnett, Luke Ogden
Special ThanksJennifer Houghton, Ed Riggins, Fausto Vitello, Kevin Thatcher, Eben Sterling

Rockstar Games

Executive ProducerSam Houser
Technical DirectorGary J. Foreman
ProducersJamie King, Jeronimo Barrera
Rockstar Production TeamMatt Gorman, Jung Kwak, Anthony de Rothschild, Terry Donovan, Dan Houser, Jeremy Blake, Karen Mui, Kevin Gill, Jennifer Kolbe
QA Test TeamGregory Dimech, Richard Huìe, Neil McCaffrey, Brian Mielcarz, Erik Purins, David Nottingham
East Coast Skating ConsultantsRodney Smith, and the Zoo York Crew
Special ThanksRick Ibaseta
Front End Intro & Transitions Edited and Produced byR B [email protected] Peep This Heads Productions 1999
Crash Sequence edited byJoshua Schwarz, @ Post Josh


All Alien Workshop Graphics Supplied byAlien Workshop
Santa Cruz Skateboards Courtesy ofNHS Inc.
Independent Truck Artwork Courtesy ofNHS Inc.
Push Skateshop Logo Courtesy ofPush Skateboarding
Supreme Logo Supplied bySupreme New York City
All DVS Shoe Company Logos and Artwork Courtesy ofDVS Shoe Co Inc.
Antihero Skateboards, Spitfire, Real, Stereo, Forties and Lucky Logos Courtesy ofDeluxe INC.
Rookie Skateboards Logo Courtesy ofRookie Skateboards LLC / NYC
Volcom Stone Name and Logo Courtesy ofStone Boadwear Inc.


Rapper's DelightPerformed by Sugarhill Gang, Bernard Edwards (Writer), Nile Rodgers (Writer), Bernard's Other Music - BMI, Sony/ATV Songs LLC - BMI, All rights on behalf of Bernard's Other Music - BMI, Administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. - BMI, An original Sugarhill Recording 1979 Castle Copyrights Ltd, Produced under license from Rhino Entertainment Co., By arrangement with Warner Special Products, (p) 1979 Sugarhill Records a label of Rhino Entertainment Co.
Planet Rock (Elektric Mix)Performed by Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Afrika Bambaataa (Writer), Arthur Baker (Writer), John Robie (Writer), Robert Allen (Writer), Ellis Williams (Writer), John B. Miller (Writer), Ralf Hütter (Writer), Florian Schneider-Esleben (Writer), Emil Schult (Writer), Published by T‑Boy Music, Published by No Hassel Music - ASCAP, Published by Shakin' Baker Music - BMI, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force appear courtesy of Tommy Boy Music, (P) 1982 Tommy Boy Music
White Lines (Don't Do It)Performed by Grandmaster Flash, An original Sugarhill Recordings 1983 Castle Copyrights Ltd, Produced under license from Rhino Entertainment Co., By arrangement with Warner Special Products, (p) 1983 Sugarhill Records a label of Rhino Entertainment Co.
King of RockPerformed by Run DMC, Courtesy of Arista Records Inc., Courtesy of BMG Entertainment International, Joseph Ward Simmons (Writer), D. M. C. (Writer), Lawrence Smith (Writer), Courtesy of Protoons Inc., Courtesy of Rush‑Groove, Courtesy of ASCAP, Jam Master Jay (Co-producer), Joseph Ward Simmons (Co-Producer), © 1986 Protoons Inc, Courtesy of Protoons Inc, Courtesy of Rushgroove, Courtesy of Zomba Music Publishing, Courtesy of ASCAP
I Know You Got SoulEric B (Writer/Performer), Performed by Rakim, William Griffin Jr. (Writer), James Brown (Writer), Babby Bird ‑ Writer, Charles Bobbit (Writer), © 1987 Universal - Songs of Polygram Inc., All rights controlled and administered by Universal, Songs of Polygram International Inc., Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group, Under license from Universal Music Special Markets
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Kool Keith Housing ThingsPerformed by Ultramagnetic MC's, Ced Gee (Producer), Produced by Ultramagnetic MC's, Cedric Miller (Writer), Keith Thornton (Writer), Maurice Smith (Writer), Trevor Randolph (Writer), Published by WB Music Corp. - ASCAP, Published by Ultramagnetic Music - ASCAP, All rights on behalf of Ultramagnetic Music - ASCAP, (P) Next Plateau Entertainment, Used by permission by Roadrunner Records
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Talkin' All That JazzPerformed by Stetsasonic, Glenn K. Bolton (Writer), Published by T-Girl Music LLC - BMI, (P) 1988 Tommy Boy Music, Stetsasonic appears courtesy of Tommy Boy Music
"Award Tour"Performed by A Tribe Called Quest, Courtesy of Jive Records, Muhammad Ali Jones (Writer), Q-Tip (Writer), Malik Taylor (Writer), Courtesy of Zomba Enterprises Inc., Courtesy of Jazz Merchant Music, Administered by Zomba Enterprises Inc. - ASCAP, We Getting Down as incorporated in Award Tour - Weldon Irvine, © Unichappell Music Inc., © Nodlew Music - BMI, All rights administered by Unichappell Music Inc. - BMI
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Freestyle NoizePerformed by The Freestylers, Aston Harvey (Writer), Matthew Cantor (Writer), Douglas ‑ Writer, Ridenhour ‑ Writer, Shocklee ‑ Writer, Sadler ‑ Writer, Produced by The Freestylers, Published by Fresh Songs, Published by Chrysalis Music, Published by Bucks Music, Published by Island Music, Published by Bring the Noise, Published by Copyright Control, Courtesy of Reach Back - BMI - A division of Reach International Inc.
My BeatboxPerformed by Deejay Punk-Roc, Written/Recorded and Produced by Deejay Punk-Roc, Don Sergic (Writer/Recording/Producer)
Crossfader DominatorPerformed by Sniper, Written and Produced by Carmen/Belgrave/black, Published by PAM/BMG UFA, Licensed courtesy of Bullion Records
Coz I CanPerformed by Hardknox, Lindy Layton (Writer), Steven Proctor (Writer), © 1996 Universal Music Publishing Ltd., All Rights for The United States and Canada controlled and administered by Polygram International Publishing Inc., Courtesy of Jive Electro

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Jennifer Kolbe, 165 other games
Matt Gorman, 109 other games
Gary J. Foreman, 79 other games
Sam Houser, 74 other games
Jamie King, 71 other games
Terry Donovan, 61 other games
Kevin Gill, 54 other games
Dan Houser, 47 other games
David Nottingham, 44 other games
Richard Huìe, 42 other games
Sergio A. Bustamante II, 36 other games
Jeronimo Barrera, 32 other games
Paul Murray, 27 other games
Jason Sereno, 25 other games
Neil McCaffrey, 23 other games
Nile Rodgers, 21 other games
Cecil Carthen Jr., 20 other games
D. M. C. , 19 other games
Joseph Ward Simmons, 19 other games
Bernard Edwards, 18 other games
Jung Kwak, 17 other games
David Grace, 17 other games
Michael Henry, 16 other games
Carlos Fuentes, 14 other games
James Brown, 12 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeremy Krinitt (4), Sciere (505796) and tommynotty (409)