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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.3

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PSX Extreme (Jul 21, 2000)
Threads of Fate is yet another Square masterpiece. It's unlimited charm is not to be missed by anyone, go out and pick up Threads of Fate if you know what's good for you. It will hold you over until Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX. I think that Square has once again outdone themselves by releasing another incredible adventure, or should I say two adventures. Threads of Fate is by no means a childish game, it's a game that will attract all gamers alike, whether you are an action, adventure or RPG gamer you must not pass up on Threads of Fate.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 28, 2010)
Despite not being perfect, Threads of Fate is still an endearing title made up of striking components that is sure to have one constantly returning to Carona for a feel-good action adventure fix. Though the individual stories by themselves are not by any means lengthy, one would do well to play both characters to get a full experience. Completing both stories not only uncovers new game plus, but the true ending. Not only does it reveal the real winner of the relic but also how the characters’ own stories may have actually intertwined leaving it up to the player’s imagination to figure out how the actual tale may have unraveled. Truly, this is one of Square’s most underrated titles.
Threads of fate is two story's wrapped in one. The interaction of all the characters, especially Mint and Rue is top notch. While the game focuses more on story than action, the action is good. Nice graphics and a sound track that conveys mood also set this game up well. Best described as a platform game with a rpg story, Threads of fate will entertain again and again. Relatively easy to follow this game should appeal to just about everyone.
Mega Fun (Sep, 2000)
Jau, da werd ich mal wieder schwach. Die gesamte Sparte, was Squaresoft und Adventure sowie RPGs anbelangt, ist mittlerweile eine Klasse für sich. Threads of Fate flimmert in gewohnt hoher Qualität auf der Kiste. Die Möglichkeit, zwei im Grunde völlig unterschiedliche Geschichten mit verschiedenen Charakteren zu erleben, sorgt genauso für Fun wie die komplette Übersetzung ins Englische. Denn gerade Mint nimmt sich selbst immer wieder auf die Schippe und sorgt so für Entertainment. Leider ist des Spiel nur als Import erhältlich (Hallo! Squaresoft! Was soll das?!), dafür aber jede Mark wert. Aus diesem Grund lautet unsere Empfehlung, mal den Importhändler um die Ecke zu besuchen und zuzugreifen.
Gaming Age (Sep 16, 2004)
Two characters and different gameplay for each is a completely refreshing idea that is captured very well in Threads of Fate. The RPG takes two young souls that both must find a mysterious Relic and beyond the differing storylines, two unique sets gameplay are born.
GameSpot (Nov 19, 1999)
Threads of Fate's one glaring fault is its length: It's too damn short. Expert RPG fans will likely blow straight through the title without a single setback, at a time of about 12 hours per quest. Fortunately, the two characters' drastically different gameplay (and slightly tweaked level layouts) means that most will enjoy playing through the game at least twice, and the game's endearing nature and jubilant tone make it one few will regret buying. Players looking to add an excellent action-RPG to their PlayStation library should check out Threads of Fate - a not too serious action-RPG that's seriously fun.
IGN (Jul 18, 2000)
Threads of Fate, of course, was known by another name when it was released in Japan. To the gentleman who wrote into Q&A the other day asking all the different questions about game localization, this is another one of those things that only makes sense in the minds of marketing experts. For whatever reason, it's forbidden for any American videogame to carry a title as cool as "Dewprism."
Gamer's Pulse (Sep 10, 2000)
Overall, I have to say that serious RPG hard-cores and Action title adherents should stay well clear of Threads of Fate. The story, characters, graphic presentation, and almost everything else screams 1988 with updated graphics. This is not anywhere close to the level set by other Action/RPG games such as the Zelda series. Each scenario is short, and even after playing both characters' games I only clocked in about 21 hours, although I was thankful for that in the end, as there just wasn’t enough to keep me interested even that long.
RPGFan (Dec 16, 1999)
Terrible control and uninspired gameplay make Dew Prism a very average action RPG. It's still got its merits, but this one isn't highly recommended unless you've got nothing else to play.
Video Games (Sep, 2000)
Doch trotz einiger unfairer Stellen ist Threeds of Fate bei weitem kein schwieriges Spiel, denn was macht der schlaue Designer, wenn die Gameplay-Balance nicht richtig stimmt? Er spendiert Continues in rauhen Mengen, welche ihr hier in Form von Bronze-, Silber-, Gold- und Platin-Münzen sammelt. Doch das war‘s dann eigentlich auch schon mit dem Gejammer - der Rest passt, Ob nun witzige Animationen sämtlicher Charaktere, spaßige (oft sehr schräge) Dialoge, gutes Char-Design oder nette Rätsel-Einlagen - Threads of Fate macht Laune und hält auch längerfristig bei der Stange, auch wenn der sonst übliche, hohe Qualitätsstandard von Square bei weitem nicht erreicht wird.
PSM (Aug, 2000)
If you add to this that the game feature to SEPARATE adventures, Threads of Fate is even able to overcomes some of the over-simplistic dungeon designs that threaten to keep it from appealing to more sophisticated action RPG fans. While Threads of Fate is nowhere near the epic grandeur of other titles like Chrono Cross, those enamored with Square's handling of Brave Fencer will definitely find more than enough to love.
68 (Jun, 2003)
Overall Threads of Fate was a generally good, solid game, with better than average graphics for a PSX game, easy to learn controls, and an interesting storyline. The main drawbacks to it are the shortness of the game, and the lack of sidequests to do and secret items to find. There were a few of them, but not enough to keep you entertained for more than an hour or so.
Square chose to hype the storyline as an RPG experience, when the title clearly fails to deliver the depth of play expected of a role-playing offering. Still, the story does provide a new level of depth for action games by providing solid incentive for players to continue playing, not once but twice through in order to see the different points of view provided by the two protagonists. The two heroes are fairly well fleshed out, providing enough unique elements to make the two halves of Threads of Fate interesting. The game provides a respectable action experience, without really breaking new ground; it tends to fall back on the traditional respawning monsters and platform jumping puzzles to create difficulty where the AI and linear plot fail to challenge the player. Aside from its terrible music, Threads of Fate is a respectable title for fans of the action genre or those who find themselves enthralled more by the story of an offering than the quality and freshness of its gameplay.
RPGamer (Nov 11, 2004)
From the outset, the [(relic)] is central to Threads of fate. This [(relic)] is described in a number of terms, varying over the course of the game, but it's quite clear it's going to be central to everything. The question is, can a game based around such a flimsy concept work? After all, one of the characters wants it to resurrect his dead girlfriend, and the other wants it for "World Domination, Baby!" Neither of these motivations is particularly inventive, and yet Threads of Fate does manage to pull a few strings in the right places.
55 (Sep 06, 2000)
Those two positives that I mentioned, the graphics and likable characters, is still a long way from moving me to recommend this game. There simply aren't any defining moments in the gameplay to make the game stand out. Threads of Fate represents the kind of effort made by a company (even if it's on a rare occasion for Squaresoft) that is more concerned with its bottom line than an artistically sound game.
Legendra (Apr 11, 2006)
Au final Threads of Fate souffre quand même de défaut importants : durée de vie très faible, deux scénarios qui se révèlent être sensiblement les même et un gameplay intéressant peu poussé. Pourtant le titre est cohérent et bourré d'humour et l'histoire sans être incroyable reste accrocheuse. Un jeu donc sympathique qui vous fera passer un moment agréable.
Game Revolution (Jul, 2000)
RPGs often suffer from LOOPS - Lack Of Original Plot Syndrome. With the hundreds of RPGs that have been released over the years, designers have still managed to only come up with 4 plot lines: save the world, save the girl, get revenge, and find the treasure. With an auspicious name like Threads of Fate, I was hoping for the complex stories of two youths entwined in the events of a changing world. Instead, I was handed a lukewarm bedtime story about 2 shallow kids both seeking the legendary "Relic."