Written by  :  Kain Ceverus (34)
Written on  :  Jan 04, 2007
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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A different spin off of classic RPGs.

The Good

You embark on a fantastic journey to a beautiful land as one of two characters. You can play as Rue, a young man trying to bring back his lost love, but he hides a mysterious secret. Or you can play as Mint, a selfish royal brat who is denied her rise in heirarchy from her sister, Maya. Both adventurers are seeking a sacred power, one that gives them the ability to do anything, and the path to claim it is near to impossible... or is it? During the quest, is you play as Mint, you use special magic and skills to fight enemies and solve puzzles ranging from easy to pretty moderately challenging. Some equipment can be found/bought to use on the quest, and enemies are fun to fight against. Rue on the other hand, uses a large blade that looks like a sharp lollipop. It's pretty cool actually, and you can kick some monster ass with it. Rue has a special ability which allows him to change into certain monsters he defeats, each with a unique attack and style of playing. Using the aid of the defeated monsters, you can accomplish tasks or solve puzzles. Plenty of free time to explore as well. During the quest, cutscenes arent high-quality anime or CG's. Instead, they just continue to use the characters as you see them, and to tell the truth, the characters really look good. There's never a stale non-moving moment, and this game is anything but boring. While playing, sometimes the adventurer's path cross, usually resulting in funny or akward situations. This is a good game. Good music too. Sounds arent re-playing constantly and monsters actually have unique sounds. Fun game, truly.

The Bad

Well, voices would have ruined it in my opinion. Two-player compatability with Rue and Mint would've been cool too. I honestly wished the game was longer, or for a sequel to be made.

The Bottom Line

A fun adventure/rpg game that wont leave you hanging. DEFINATE buy.