Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 (PlayStation)

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 Credits


Lead Software EngineersClarence Co, Steve Chamberlin
Software EngineersAlan Borecky, Dean Granquist, Jeff A. Lefferts
Assistant Software EngineerJordan Maynard
Sound EngineerLaurent Betbeder
Lead Course Development Engineer:Lee Ozer
Course Software EngineerAnne-Lise Hassenklover
Course Development EngineersMichelle Prevost, Patrick Lardin
Assistant Course Development EngineerAlex Karweit
Art DirectorRoseann Mitchell
Art Manager/LeadKevin A. Brown
Art Design/CinematicsJohn Sicat, Nancy Simenc
Lead Course ArtistJulie Moll
Course ArtistsLogic Ma, Kris Hammond, Alex Vaz Waddington
Golfer AnimationCatherine Benante
CinematicsWaddy Dacay
Audio ManagerRob Hubbard
Sound DesignerCharles Stockley
Music ComposerDon Veca
Executive ProducersRichard Hilleman, John Vifian
ProducerDanny Pisano
Director of DevelopmentDana Tom
Project ManagerStephen Barry
Assistant ProducerPaul Niehaus
AdministrationsBee Nguyen
Language LocalizationAtsuko Matsumoto, John Pemberton
Lead Product TesterAnatol Somerville
Assistant Lead TesterChris Espiritu
Product TestersIan Blas, Greg McCord, Dan Roisman, Micah Loucks, Daniel Meade, Lafayette Taylor
Product Marketing ManagerJill Taylor
Assistant Product Marketing ManagerSam Hopkins
Public RelationsKathy Frazier
Senior Project Manager/Art DirectionCole Bronn
Package DesignPopgun Design, Mark Hausler
Package Cover PhotographyDavid Cannon (AllSport)
DocumentationGabriel Leon
Documentation LayoutCorinne Mah
Customer Quality ControlAndrew Young, Anthony Alexander, Darryl Jenkins, Benjamin Crick, Jacob Fernandez, Micah Pritchard, Dave Knudson
Photographs Provided byPGA Tour Photos

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (138992)