Time Commando Credits

Adeline Software International

Original IdeaFrédérick Raynal
Design DirectorDidier Chanfray
Project ManagerSerge Plagnol
Lead ProgrammerOlivier Lhermite
ProgrammerMickaël Pointier
Game Life ProgrammersPascal Dubois, Thierry Brochart, Sylvain Truchet
Additional ProgrammersMarc Bureau du Colombier, Frantz Cournil
3D Objects & Animation DesignPaul-Henri Michaud, Arnaud Lhomme, Sabine Morlat, William Ratajczak, Xavier Wibaut
3D Scenery DesignBenoit Boucher, Ludovic Rubin, Merlin Pardo, Virginie Altayrac
3D movie sequencesFrédéric Taquet
Special ContributorsLaurent Salmeron, Yaél Barroz
Test ManagerEmmanuel Oualid
Main TestersJean-Philippe Monie, Thomas Ferraz, Alexis Madinier
Delphine Editorial TeamPhilippe Delamarre, Anne-Marie Joassim, Victor Perez, Marie-Pierre Meyrignac, Line Pastaleniec, Stephanie Louzier


ProducerMarc Bennett
Product EvangelistsBill Anker, Marc Bennett, Mitch Lasky
Product Marketing ManagersHenry Siegel, Bob Pettit
QA DirectorJon Doellstedt
QA ManagerDavid Arnspiger
QA Project LeadsEdward J. Tretter, Jay Sosnicki, Marty Stratton
Intro/Close Movie Audio SupervisorMichael B. Schwartz
Intro/Close Movie Dialogue & Sound DesignMarc Bennett, Henry Siegel, Raphael Simon, Jay Sosnicki
Intro Movie NarrationJay Sosnicki
Documentation ManagerMichael Rivera
Cross ProductionMark Lamia, Adam Goldberg, Frankie Tam
Media SpecialistKevin Cohen
Game AnalystBryant Bustamante
Package DesignJames Bridges
Public RelationsJoanne Blum

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69249)