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Sony's website:
    Tobal No. 1 ™

    Tobal No. 1 clearly represents the new generation of the fighting game genre. If you thought you knew fighting games - then forget everything you've learned before because you're about to re-learn the entire category!

    A Battle System with full 360 movement that YOU control!

    Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and Squaresoft partner to bring you the ultimate 3D fighter exclusively for the PlayStation game console. Squaresoft is entering into a whole new arena, bringing to the table, a very loyal fan base and a reputation second to none of delivering high quality games and validating this entry into the fight game genre.

    Tobal No. 1 conquers the "limited 3D access" problems by giving you absolute control in all directions. Move freely in ALL directions with realistic, full range motion and 360 movement that YOU control at all times!

    Close-in on opponents with a unique Grapple Technique that gives new meaning to hand-to-hand combat. The key is the complex and unique Grappling Technique - hold onto and throw your opponents, deliver head-butts and knee bashes or toss your opponents aside. Execute throw reversals but watch out, they can also be used against you.

    Tobal No. 1 also takes fighting games beyond the traditional platforms with a new and very original Quest Mode, which plays like a fighting RPG and opens hidden areas and characters for a whole new challenge. Move through a dungeon-like maze, battling enemies, created specifically for this area, along the way in full fighting-game style!

    And for all you anime fanatics, the storyline, characters and settings were all designed by internationally acclaimed artist, Akira Toriyama, known for Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and the Dragon Ball series.

    PLUS! Be the first to experience an interactive demo of Final Fantasy VII! An interactive sampler CD comes packed in with Tobal No. 1 and also includes video previews of Final Fantasy Tactics, Bushido Blade and Saga Frontier - all from Squaresoft! Tobal No. 1 clearly represents the new generation of the fighting game genre.


    "A groundbreaking new fighting game features new levels of 3D freedom and a totally original Quest Mode."
    --Ultra Game Players

    "Tobal No. 1 is the best original home fighting game of all times."

    "Tobal's realtime fighting sets a standard for future fighting games."

    "Once you start playing you realize how fast and smooth the graphics really are. Next thing you know, you learn how to control the characters in 3D space and then, before you know it, you're hooked and playing for hours on end."
    --Game Informer

    "Man, games don't get much more exciting than this!"
    --Game Informer

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Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (US):
    "...a groundbreaking new fighting game featuring new levels of 3D freedom and a totally original Quest mode!"

    -Ultra Game Players

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Play Magazine (March, 1997):
    "Sell your granny and play Tobal No. 1 till your fingers bleed" - Play 94%

    TOBAL NO. 1

    "The quest mode is a superb addition to the game, and makes some late nights as it's really tough to complete" - Mean Machines PlayStation

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2331) on Jan 02, 2007.